Books and Movies on Mexico

For our next vacation, we have been planning to visit Mexico so I gathered all the books I had on Mexico in my TBR pile.I have been to the west coast of Mexico and this time the plan is to visit the east coast which has Mayan Ruins.

Here the books that I am planning to read before I visit –

I am currently reading Signal To Noise which is written by a Mexican author and I am loving it. It’s based in Mexico City and it’s a magical realism book where the protagonists are able to do magic through music. The book is littered with references to music albums and bands from Mexico.

After I am done with this book, I will pick up Like Water For Chocolate. It is again a magical realism book where the protagonist is able to do magic through the food that she cooks. I heard the book has references to Mexican food and also some recipes in the book.

I have a nonfiction on my TBR too. Jungle of Stone is about the discovery of Mayan Civilization. European explorers had no idea that such a big civilization existed in America, until this discovery it seems. So I am really interested to see how and what they discovered. Mayan civilization was as great as Greek and Roman empires and existed at around the same time it seems, according to the authors. I am really looking forward to reading this book soon.

I am looking for a similar book on Aztec civilization too. This sounds interesting –

New addition: I want to read a book on Caribbean Pirates too since I am taking a cruise on Caribbean Sea and got this book –

Coming to movies, a movie that I have watched has to be Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto (supposedly controversial). It gives us a glimpse into the Mayan Civilization when it was at its best.

I want to watch the famous Pixar movie, Coco soon, which is also set in Mexico.

What other books or movies based in Mexico or books written by Mexican authors did you enjoy?

Please recommend some books or movies.

P.S: I am posting this from my phone so sorry for any formatting or typo errors. I cannot blog from any office anymore, which is impacting my blogging schedule.

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  1. Apocalypto seems like an interesting movie that I need to watch sometime soon. Wonder why the Mexican civilization was undiscovered while the Indus Valley Civilization and the Egyptian ones were known.

    Destination Infinity


    1. Yes I loved Apocalypto movie. It’s very interesting, especially for someone who doesn’t know much about Mayan Civilization. I think until Columbus discovered America accidentally, nobody had any idea that this continent even existed. Hence they were undiscovered.


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