The Jungle of Stone – About Maya Civilization

I read Jungle of Stone book by William Carlsen just in time for my Mexico trip and I liked it. The book is about John Stevens and Frederick Catherwood as they both make their journey to Mexico and Central America in search of stones in Jungle and end up discovering Maya Civilization. Even the locals had no idea about this civilization and it is because of the expedition of these two men that the Europeans realized that western hemisphere had an advanced civilization which could match some of the ancient civilizations in the East.

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Oct Reading Wrap Up

I read a total of 8 books in October, out of which 5 books were graphic novels/manga. October was a pretty hectic month for me and I hardly got any time to read books. I couldn’t read much from my Halloween TBR. I read some pages of IT but the size of the book again intimated me and I ended up choosing graphic novels over such a huge book.

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My travel wishlist

I have check-marked almost all the places on my must-see places list in US. I have visited some of them 3-4 times. So these days I have been eyeing other countries or places which are fascinating enough to visit. Most of these places are new additions to my wishlist. To add to that, I have an inspiring travel buff for a boss who shows me travel pics often. I follow some travel blogs and after reading great posts on these places, I have decided to pay them a visit, whenever I can.

First two in the list are the places that I have been wanting to visit for a very long time. The others got added this year after seeing some amazing pics of these places. There are many more places on my wishlist but these are the ones which seem plausible. 😛

  1. Wizarding world of Harry Potter in Orlando

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