Books and Movies on Mexico

For our next vacation, we have been planning to visit Mexico so I gathered all the books I had on Mexico in my TBR pile.I have been to the west coast of Mexico and this time the plan is to visit the east coast which has Mayan Ruins.

Here the books that I am planning to read before I visit –

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July Reading Wrap Up

July was a month when I was on vacation and hence, I ended up reading 9 books. Most of the books I read were small in size and they were all either bought during my UK trip or bought in India.

Let me review them in the order of reading –

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Black History Month reads

I was browsing through various sections in my local library when I glanced at a section dedicated to Black History Month (February is celebrated as Black History month). I have not read many history books on Civil Rights movement and I am hardly aware of America’s history so I was intrigued enough to pick a couple of books from this section.
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Books based in Arizona

The last post on my blog was inspired by my current read – Walk on Earth a stranger. This post is inspired by my most recently bought book – Vengeance Road. Only when I bought that book did I realize that I have not read a single book based in Arizona (in US). I lived in Arizona for couple of years and loved that place. Other than the weather, it is probably the best place in US I have lived in. The people there are so sweet and polite. I want to actively read more fiction or non-fiction based in Arizona. Please do recommend any book that you have read about Arizona.
Here is the list that I collected few days back with some books that I am interested in reading –

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Gold rush in America books

Living in California, I have visited some ghost towns and have heard a lot about the gold rush in California and in US a lot of times. When I want to learn more about something, I usually pick a book on that topic and read. I have been in search of books that are based on gold rush and finally I found a few which I want to read soon.
Here is the list –
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