Indie bookshop book haul

I used to shop at Barnes and Noble all the time, just because it was the closest bookstore I had. And now a new Independent (Indie) bookstore has opened closer to where I stay (compared to B&N). And this bookstore is great! Last time I visited this bookstore, they were about to close and I did not get much time to browse through the books. So this time I went in the afternoon when I had plenty of time to explore the various shelves and to get an idea of what kind of books they had. I am impressed with this bookstore so probably will visit it many more times in the future.

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5 Halloween book recommendations

I don’t usually read horror books as I get scared easily. I stay away from ghost stories and haunted house stories but I do love reading gothic fiction. Especially when it comes to reading classics, I love gothic literature more than anything else. I love how these stories also have a science fiction element in them.

These are my favorite gothic books which are perfect for Halloween – as they are creepy but not as creepy as some of the other horror novels out there.

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Modern girl ?

Is a girl modern only if

– she chooses to sleep with any man she wants

– she wears skimpy clothes

– she hits bars and pubs and drinks

– is aware of the current fashion trends and likes wearing makeup

What if a girl

– just wants to earn her own living and not be dependent on others

– wants freedom to choose whether to be religious or not

– does not want to belong to in-laws (and let them make decisions for her) and wants to make her own decisions in life

– wants freedom to read books, watch latest movies, gossip with girlfriends and listen to western music

– does not like wearing Sarees but does not want to wear mini skirts or bikini either

– is modern in her thinking

– is modern enough to follow current musical trends or movies or books

– is a nerd and wants to study/learn instead of going to beauty parlors

– is not interested in latest fashion and makeup

– is not interested in cooking, even though elders dictate that it is her job

– is interested in gadgets, gizmos, science and technology like most men are

Is she is not a modern girl? Who is a modern girl? How do you define who is modern and who is not?

I see books based on modern women (*cough* *One Indian girl*) focusing only on her choice to choose men or her choice to drink. There is so much more to a modern girl.

Authors I want to read more from

I have never spoken much about my favorite authors on this blog of mine. I have read many books written by these authors and I am pretty sure I will love any book written by them. Without even reading the book blurb, I buy books written by them. I want to read every single book written by these authors some day. Here is the list –

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Genres I like

I experimented a lot with genres from last few years and that made me buy books that I knew I would not like. I wasted money and time on books that would never interest me, just because I wanted to explore genres that I had not read before. This year I bought some contemporary fiction since I had not read any and you know what happened? I ended up disliking all of them and I am now planning to get rid of them so that I can make room for other books on my shelves.

I think that I prefer plot-driven books over just character focused ones. If the plot is not moving forward, even though the book has great characters it will get a low rating.

So now I have decided to just stick to the genres that I love reading and here are those genres that my blog will feature more books from in the future –

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Flatland – Book review

Flatland is a science fiction novel published in 1884. I finally got hold of the book and finished reading it today. It is a very short book but since I don’t have much time to read these days, I took a week or so to finish it. My edition had like 133 pages, but I guess some editions have 60 pages or so.

The title of the book says – “Flatland: A romance of many dimensions by a Square”. This book is narrated by a square (a two-dimensional geometric figure). The author of the book mentioned inside the book and not on the cover is Edwin A. Abbott.


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Batman graphic novels – reviews

My most favorite superhero is Batman. I fell in love with this superhero after watching the TV series as a kid. My other favorite superheroes were He-man and Phantom as I watched them on TV and read comics. Batman comics are darker and more serious in nature. The villians are pretty scary too. So as an adult, I picked Batman graphic novels over every other superhero novels. I read most of these earlier but did not own copies of them. This year I bought some of my favorite Batman trade paperbacks/graphical novels and now I have a collection of them.


If you are looking for some recommendations of Batman comics, here are some that I have read, grouped according to authors’ names –

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