Books to read in 2017

I never make a tbr (to-be-read) as I usually read depending on my mood. I pick books sometimes just to find that I am not in a mood to read them. But this year, I wanted to make a list just for my own reference. This list will help me understand which books are top priority on my shelf. I may not be able to read all these in 2017 and may have to push some of these to 2018. But I just wanted to have a list that I could refer to if I was unsure what book to read next.

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Library haul

After more than two years, I went to the local library today. My library card had already expired and had to be renewed. I then picked these books as they were on my must-read list for quite sometime now. 

I am not sure if can complete these books in the next few weeks. I got little too ambitious I guess. This is probably my first time checking out more than one book from the library. 

Three of these(Paper girls, Sweet Tooth and Nimona) are graphic novels so should be easy reads. I am not sure about “Among Others”. I have heard a lot of good things about that book and it has won quite a few awards.

Have you read these? Did you like them?

Dark Matter – Book Review #RRSciFiMonth


Dark Matter by Blake Crouch is a fast paced science fiction thriller about multiverses published this year (2016). I saw mixed reviews of this book so I initially thought I will not get a hard copy and instead read an ebook. I read some 25% of the book and lost interest. I then realized few days back that maybe it was because of the format of the book that I did not enjoy it much, as these days I am not able to read on Kindle for some reason (just don’t feel like reading on it). This week I got a hard copy of this book and finished reading it this weekend. And you know what, I absolutely loved it.
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Fantastic beasts and where to find them

I watched the movie and then read the screenplay today. Every scene and dialogue in the book matches with what I saw on the screen. It was like watching the movie for the second time – but with my added imagination, making it even more awesome. The descriptions of the beasts and reading more about the beasts made reading the book worthwhile.

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