Dystopian novels recommendations and TBR

I have been suffering from reading slump this month for some reason. In general, the political climate in the country is bad and I am stressed out because of various things in personal life too. I haven’t been able to finish a single novel this month as I am not able to concentrate much on anything. In situations like this, dystopian novels come handy. When you think your life is horrible and you read a dystopian novel, you feel your world is much better than the one in the book. At least we don’t have people burning books or killing each other on streets right? 🙂

Here are some dystopian books that I have enjoyed in the past. I love this genre a lot and keep reading books from this genre often.

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Jan 2017 wrap up + Feb TBR 


I am here with my reading wrap up for the month of Jan. I am planning to make these monthly wrap ups a regular feature on this blog. Every month I am going to talk about the books that I finished in the previous month and also give a glimpse of the books that I am planning to read that month. This year I started making tbrs for every month. I realized that some books sat on my shelves forever while I kept picking the new books that I got. So I decided to make sure I read a selection of books every month this year.

I finished reading a total of 5 books in Jan and one book was a DNF. I also have two more books that I started in Jan but have not finished so will be reading them in feb as well.

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First Disneyland trip

We made our first official trip with our one and a half year old son. We did a short trip when he was one year old to Lake Tahoe but that was a pretty short trip and he did not even understand much then. He had fun playing with the sand on the beach there. But other than that, we were pretty hesitant to take him on a trip as we were worried about his food and lot of other things. We finally made a trip to LA and took him to Disneyland and Universal Studios in December during the Christmas time.

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Nonfiction Book Haul

Usually I see good reviews about a book and then end up buying it. I don’t usually proactively search for a book on a topic and then read it. But this time I did that. I proactively searched for a good book on the topics that I was interested in learning more about and ended up buying a book on those topics.
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More favorite reads from 2016

I listed my favorite fiction books from 2016 in this post: My favorite reads of 2016. I also had many non-fiction favorites from 2016 and I will be listing them here along with some of my other favorite fiction reads from 2016. 2016 was a good reading year for me as I read many amazing books and I ended up liking most of the books that I read. Here are my other favorites from 2016:

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Death Note manga series

If you have read my favorite books of 2016 post, you will know that Death Note was one of my favorite book series of 2016. I started and finished this series in 2016 and it is now one of my most favorite book series ever. It is a manga series – manga is a Japanese comic book/graphic novel which is read from back to front and from right to left. The only manga I had read before reading this series was the first volume of Naruto but I was not super impressed with it. I did not feel compelled to continue with the series but with Death Note, I was addicted and had to binge read the series this year.


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