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Life has improved a lot as I started my new job. I am loving the new team, manager who is extremely soft spoken and the work which is quite interesting. I am trying to learn everything and fit into the new environment. I am definitely not missing my old team and work that I did there. 🙂
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Scott Pilgrim Graphic Novels

Last month, I finally finished all the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels in the series by Bryan Lee O Malley. I started this series 7 years back when the movie first came out. I read 2 books and then never read the others. I was recently searching for a movie when I noticed Scott Pilgrim movie and I felt like watching it again. This time, I decided I will read all the books and then watch the movie. So I did exactly that and felt that the books are better than the movie. Continue reading

Fantastic beasts and where to find them

I watched the movie and then read the screenplay today. Every scene and dialogue in the book matches with what I saw on the screen. It was like watching the movie for the second time – but with my added imagination, making it even more awesome. The descriptions of the beasts and reading more about the beasts made reading the book worthwhile.

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My favorite sci-fi movies #RRSciFiMonth

I love Sci-fi, especially the movies. Most of the movies that I have enjoyed watching are sci-fi movies. It helps that my family also loves Sci-fi a lot. Whether I am watching a movie with my mom or my husband, we end up watching only sci-fi most of the times.sfm16_6

Here are my favorite sci-fi movies which I can watch again and again, any number of times. I have excluded some movies which were adapted from the book and where the book was better than the movie (like The Martian). This is going to be a very long list of movies.

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Hugh Grant’s movies – Review

This post was pending from more than a year. I had drafted this post on Mar 4, 2015 @ 14:42 and the initial draft of this post was done on 16 Feb, 2015 @ 14:49. Whew! it has been lying in my drafts for more than a year. Today I was cleaning up all the draft posts, as there were many topics on which I did not want to write anymore. That was when I found this draft. I watched these movies last year and was planning to review them both. Hugh Grant is one of my most favorite actors. I mean, just look at him. Isn’t he one of the most handsome actors ever?! I watched these movies without reading any review or without any recommendation from anyone and still loved them. They are not so popular and well-known I feel and that was the reason why I wanted to review these underrated movies.

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