Baycon and Aladdin

This long weekend was all about Baycon and Aladdin.

I attended David Brin’s interview in Baycon and got my copy signed from him. He is a scientist and a hard sci-fi writer. He has won 2 Hugo awards and Nebula awards. If you like the idea of dolphins in space, you should read his books. I reviewed his book “Startide Rising” here. He saw my book and noticed the sticky tabs and underlining of text. He was like” I wanted to write a sequel to this book and had lot of annotations in my copy but I lost it. Can I buy this copy from you?”. He was happy to see my annotations. I have noticed that authors love to see an annotated copy as it proves that you actually read their book thoroughly (from my experience of meeting other authors in Worldcon)

The convention is good for writers I guess. Many panels had writing tips and such. It wasn’t as huge in scale as comic con and Worldcon was since this is just a convention for Bay Area folks. But still a good place for those in fandom to hang out, discuss books. For some reason, the topics in the panels didn’t sound that interesting to me. Not many reputed authors were there as the crowd mostly comprised of local authors and readers.

Overall, I am glad I attended it just for the experience.

I also saw the new Aladdin movie with my kid. I am glad that I booked the ticket in advance. I saw a lady at the ticket counter trying to purchase an Aladdin ticket only to find that all the shows were completely booked for the day. I liked the movie. I doubt anyone else could have done the genie role better than Will Smith. Do watch it if you are an Aladdin fan like me.

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  1. My colleagues have also been pressing me to watch Aladdin. I have always disliked Will Smith, but I guess he’s done a good job here.


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