Game of Thrones Finale : Rant

This post is full of spoilers so if you have not watched the finale of Game of Thrones, please come back to this post later.

I saw the last episode yesterday and was furious. The plot was getting ridiculous right after the books ended but I still had some hopes. Last night’s episode was a disaster. Probably the worst ending one could ever come up with.

Nothing made sense. These are the questions in my head –

  • How can you make a random person king? And why are all the 6 kingdoms okay with a Stark becoming a king, while Winterfell (to which Stark belongs to) wants to be an independent kingdom?
  • Both Sansa and Bran have never held even an wooden sword in their hand and they are supposed to rule kingdoms now as King and Queen?!
  • What is the point of Jon being Aegon Targaryen? He is the rightful heir to the throne and that wasn’t even revealed to the lords of the other 6 kingdoms? Why?
  • How did Dany suddenly turn into a psycho? She was sane for 7 seasons and suddenly became a crazy person? No, watching her selfish brother who sold her burn did not make up for it. Nor did killing slavers who were evil people count. When did she kill innocent people? Why would she kill the very same people that she dreamt of ruling one day?
  • Why was Jon acting like a mute in this season? He hardly opened his mouth. He could have counseled Dany and brought her to the right path.
  • I hated Sansa right from the beginning. She was responsible for Ned Stark’s death because she wanted to be a queen.
  • Winterfell will not bend knee to King who is a Stark but will bend knee to a Queen who is a Stark? What was the logic in that? Bran is a Stark too, just like Sansa so that statement made by Sansa was meaningless.
  • Why the hell do they even have a night watch? What are they watching now? Trees?
  • Where is the broken section of the wall? They still have gates for Castle Black? What for?
  • Why didn’t Drogon try to burn Jon when it knew that Jon killed its mother? What if he is Targaryen? He is still a killer.
  • Who makes a corrupt guy like Bronn, a Master of Coin? Nobody in their right mind would allow that corrupt person near the council.
  • Why did Bran not counsel them or give them advise on anything? If he knew Dany was going to burn King’s Landing, why didn’t he tell? Is he the villain then? He knew he would be King so stayed quiet all along?
  • In what way did Bran becoming three eyed raven help in any of the battles? Did he help them defeat White walkers? Did he help them defeat Cersei? What was the point of him being able to see past and future?
  • The worst story arc was that of Jaime. His character growth happened for 7 seasons, only to be thrown under a rubble of rocks in the last season. Why would he go back to Cersei when he knew she was an evil person and had left her for the very same reason?
  • Even Arya defeating Night King was pretty unrealistic. How did she cross so many white walkers and reach Night King? Was there an invisible trampoline that she jumped?
  • What was Bran doing sending ravens when the Night King attacked? He did not say what he saw there. So what was the point of his warging into Ravens?
  • Arya was a faceless person who could change into anyone she wanted. And that ability suddenly vanished now when we were really in need of it. She could have taken the face of a white walker to kill Night King or face of Jaime to kill Cersei or taken anyone’s face. Why didn’t she?
  • Arya went to kill Cersei and turned back because Hound asked her to. Hound is another character that I despised. Arya was then drifting aimlessly in King’s Landing and did not die (because she is a main character).
  • If you notice, none of the main characters died except for some irrelevant characters.
  • The battle with white walkers should have happened after the battle with Cersei. It would have made more sense.
  • Why didn’t Greyworm kill Jon as soon as Dany was dead? Why did he wait for 3 weeks to get justice?
  • Just inches from where Jaime and Cersei died there was no rubble. Couldn’t they just have run and escaped?

Now that the TV series is over, I hope GRRM ends up finishing the book series. I am waiting for the books desperately to see how he planned the ending. Hoping that it’s not as bad as the ending in the show.

Did you watch the finale? What did you feel?


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7 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Finale : Rant

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  1. I agree with so much of this lol. Bran as king seemed a stretch. Especially on the show- I can MAYBE (emphasis on maybe) see Martin sorta going there, but he’d sell it a lot better and I don’t think he will. How the show did it though is ridiculous! And Jon’s status never being revealed is baffling to me too. All Tyrion had to do was blurt it out. Also- yes, why did Jon like almost never talk??

    I think a lot of the problem is they did things backwards. In the books I think Dany is going to wrestle with her “mad queen” urges BEFORE the showdown with the Others, and very possibly redeem herself in the Battle for the Dawn, whereas here they dispensed with the walkers and THEN had Dany go all mad queen on King’s Landing. It’s just a$$ backwards I think and doesn’t give any chance for her to be redeemed (which I think Martin will partially do). Her and Jon going north to face the Others with their dragons…

    Back to the show though- yeah Bronn as lord of Highgarden was so laughable. They lost me there. 🙂 And could Bran be any creepier? Even when they made him king- at least humanize him a LITTLE? Good grief- awful. Jaime’s story arc- couldn’t agree more.

    I was wondering about the Night’s Watch too since the threat of the walkers seems to have been eliminated, not just “contained”
    for another thousand yrs or whatever. I guess Jon is going north to hang with the wildlings??

    You summarized the problems pretty well! I think it’s tougher for book readers too, in some ways- for example the whole Unsullied thing. There aren’t THAT many Unsullied where Grey Worm should have been able to dictate (which was asinine) how they deal with Jon or Tyrion or anyone else. I think Dany bought 6,000 Unsullied, or maybe 8,000- don’t remember exactly- but after the battle at Winterfell and at KL she doesn’t have nearly that many left. They wouldn’t be dictating much, I wouldn’t think, after her death! So dumb lol.

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    1. They didn’t build up anything. Bran could have helped them win the war or something. They should made him worthy of being a king in the earlier seasons maybe. Out of the blue, he became a king. Very anticlimatic it was. Why was Jon so silent in this season? Are they saying that his love for Dany made him like that? Love empowers most people and doesn’t make them stupid.
      Even I thought so. The fight with white walkers should have been after the fight in King’s Landing.
      The council at the end was like a joke. Smugglers and cutthroats on the council? Really? Lol
      Even in the ending, Bran was like I can track the dragon. Haha. Why didn’t he warg into the dragon earlier and stop Dany from burning the city?
      Yeah looks like Jon is just going to chill in the north and become a king of the wildlings maybe? I didn’t understand why wildlings couldn’t stay in the south though.
      Exactly, where did so many Unsullied and Dothraki come from? Dothraki died right at the beginning of the fight with whitewalkers. The army from seven kingdoms would anyday outrank any army that Dany has. Nothing made any sense. Hope the books do a better job.


  2. I actually think they all knew Jon’s status. I believe that was what Varys was writing before he was captured. He sent notes to all the lords revealing about Jon being Aegon. That said, it would have been odd for him to become king after assassinating Daenerys. It just wouldn’t suit his character, Also, they had to show some sort of trial and justice, and hence sending him to the wall.

    And he doesn’t actually remain there at the end. He kind of moves north of the wall, right? Maybe becoming another Mance Rayder type of character?

    I agree that the season compressed things so much that some things were really hard to swallow. I mean the other lords being okay with Bran becoming king? It seemed very unlikely. But I guess after so much war and destruction, nobody really wants the job of rebuilding anyway. And who better suited for it, then the great nephew of Bran the builder. I believe GRRM has a similar type of ending planned, but I think he would build up to it way better than the series.


    1. Since Dany had already gone crazy, I didn’t understand why they had to punish the “true heir” to the throne for assassinating a crazy woman. I guess they just wanted to make the ending surprising and making Jon king would have been too predictable. They should built it up at least I guess by making Bran prove himself worthy of being a king. Yeah I guess he becomes more like Mance Ryder at the end.
      I am waiting for the books to come out. GRRM would definitely not leave us hanging with so many questions I guess. These guys were in a hurry to wrap up the series,


  3. Awwww 😦 It wasn’t that bad! I know it had a lot of problems but I still liked it 😀 (I am really good at ignoring bad writing and just enjoying things and not thinking about them haha)

    I do agree tho that the 6 kingdoms wouldn’t be okay with a Stark becoming a king, while Winterfell is an independent kingdom. Yara at least would have wanted the Iron Islands to be their own kingdom too.

    As for your point about none of the main characters dying, I completely agree. Part of what makes the books so spectacular was that GRRM wasn’t afraid to kill EVERYONE. So why is everyone still alive?!?! I think Jon should have died. I am ok with Drogon not killing him, but GreyWorm would have. He wouldn’t just let him go.

    As for the whole in the wall, wasn’t it at the end by the sea? That is where the hound (who I actually really liked his and aryas interactions) saw it coming down in the flame. So it wouldn’t be anywhere near Castle Black?

    Great post! I hope the books get written and are much better ❤


    1. The ending was a bit unrealistic considering what happened in the earlier seasons. Yeah GRRM wouldn’t have thought twice about killing Jon. For all we know, Jon might still be dead in the books as that was what happened at the end of book 5.
      Hmm what you said makes sense about the wall. It was by the end of the sea like you said. Thanks for reminding me as I had forgotten that detail.
      I hope the books are better. Can’t wait to read them. 🙂


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