I am Back!

Hey all,

I disappeared from blogging world for more than 2 months now. I did not plan to stop blogging, it just happened. Life got extremely busy and crazy and I did not find enough time to blog.

I enrolled in a literature course on science fiction at a reputed university, just for fun. I read English/Literature some 19 years or so back when I was in school. I did not take any classes in English after that. It was interesting to study something that I had never done before. Reading and analyzing books is something that I have been doing on this blog for quite sometime now. The course helped me a lot in learning how to critically analyze text, how to read sci-fi the way academics do. So it was a useful course and I bagged “A” grade, which was something that even I couldn’t believe, considering how I have never studied literature and have hardly written essays, other than what I write here on this blog. I am thankful to this blog, which has made sure my English writing does not get too rusty. It was this course that kept me extremely busy and away from reading for pleasure and blogging. Hopefully, I will write better book reviews in future (hehe).

Other than that, I went on a southwest tour and visited most of the famous national parks and canyons in the wild west US. I read some books here and there, but nothing too memorable or a new favorite. Work has been hectic too. Learning a lot of new stuff and I am liking the work.

I have few books lined up to read, most of which are new releases –

I finished Storm of Locusts this month which I really enjoyed, but not as much as I liked “Trail of Lightning” (first book in this series). I am currently reading Gideon The Ninth and it’s good so far. It is the most hyped book of this year and I am hoping that it lives up to my expectations. I am mostly reading fantasy this month as next month will be just for sci-fi.

What are you reading currently?

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  1. Welcome back!! And how cool that you took that course! I can see how that was an interesting enough experience to keep you away from blogging! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have been reading a lot this year, but most of my ‘reading’ has been done through audiobooks, which is just how things have been working out for me these days. I don’t get enough time to read but plenty of time to listen. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Yes it was quite an interesting experience Shantala. I am so glad I took that course. It was an impulsive decision.
      Good that you are somehow making time despite the hectic schedule. I think audiobooks are great that way. I usually listen to them on my drive to and back from office, as I don’t have enough time to sit and read.


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