I am Back!

Hey all, I disappeared from blogging world for more than 2 months now. I did not plan to stop blogging, it just happened. Life got extremely busy and crazy and I did not find enough time to blog. I enrolled in a literature course on science fiction at a reputed university, just for fun. I... Continue Reading →

Random stuff

Just in the mood to write some random stuff - I am really very happy these days because I will be seeing parents after more than a year. I have been smiling all the time and counting days. So I won't be very active on this blog. I have always loved travelling. My father had... Continue Reading →

School Fights

Swaram made me nostalgic with her recent post about her good ol' school days. Suddenly so many incidents came to my mind that I thought I should make a post out of them. Unlike Swaram, I was a nomad, changing cities and hence schools every few years. I just remember a handful of friends from... Continue Reading →

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