Engineering Students -II


My previous post spoke about gals.. Now about guys…

  • Nerdy :One extreme case is these nerdy guys who sit in the first bench, keep answering in the class, ask 101 doubts.. These guys wouldnt bunk even one class.. Even if everyone in the class was ready to bunk, these guys would refuse to bunk.. But they are very knowledgeable and quite intelligent.. I definitely would prefer an intelligent guy anytime…
  • Showoff : most of the guys are of this type.. These guys want to just showoff that they are very much brilliant.. want to impress the lecturers, girls..They again belong to the copy-paste category but their way of presenting their work is good…
  • Copy-paste category : These guys dont think that they need to learn anything worthwhile.. they are chilled out.. college is a recreation place, to sit under the tree commenting on people, to roam around with girl friends… such people are very resourceful.. they know where to collect materials, programs, projects from..

I remember one of my classmate A who used to mug up programs completely including the printf statements.. I was shocked to see the extent to which he could memorize.. he used to be the first person to complete the practical exam in our batch.. Just before the exam he would catch hold of me and ask me the overview of each program so that he can answer when the examiner questions him..

Another time I remember how this A had taken a project from his senior in a floppy.. he hadnt opened the floppy even once at home.. he brought the floppy directly to the lab exam without even seeing its contents once.. it was a linux project and this is what happened:

A: Hi As, I am not able to mount the floppy.. can you help me mount it?

Me: Oh! it is saying it cannot mount.. why? is the floppy corrupted or something

A: No.. I dont think so.. actually I dont know because a senior had given this to me

Me: Oh! lets remove the floppy and then try in my machine once..

A: floppy is in my bag.. should we insert it?

Me: <totally shocked> how can you mount a floppy without inserting into the machine? :O

This guy got through campus interview before everyone else and now is in US.. what would you say for that??

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  1. ur analysis of engineering students was interesting.. u r so true.. but guys dunno to insert floppy disks.. u gotta be kidding me.. its fiction rite.. if such guys exist plz slap me in ma face..


  2. i’ll ask the geek itself.. i wasnt able to post a link.. it got discarded.. then cut the link.. it went through.. y did this happen? n plus not used to wordpress.. wat kinda engineer am i??


  3. lol..I am partly..nerdy..I sit at first bench..becuse in my college..if u sit at first bench you are good student… So I sit at first bench and sleep..My lecturers wont even no that..they always concentrate on last bench guys… who make troubles..Infact we first benchers are more troublesome in class.. yet the last benchers get punishments..And little bit intelligent.. But i never listen to lecturesAs i believe books are way better than my lecturers…

    I am partly show off… Not to girls..but to that I can get good internals… But apparently fail most of the i give more troubles to them in classes…

    “These guys dont think that they need to learn anything worthwhile.. they are chilled out.. college is a recreation place, to sit under the tree commenting on people”..

    I do this most of the time… but will not roam with girls..instead will comment a lot on them….And i always keep such resourceful people around me…
    Now to which category do i belong??


  4. after reading all these posts
    I am changing your name in my blogroll
    check out and temme…

    but I think there is one category of guys here:
    smart nerds…..they are most brilliant..


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  6. Nice post. Being an Engineering student myself I could relate to it. I really think the copy – paste category is the best to belong to. Anywayz, how much do we learn after 4 years in college? Won’t it be much better to enjoy life and maybe learn a little less?! Of course it is an individual choice, but I guess thatz my choice πŸ˜‰


    1. you think copy-paste is good? πŸ˜› Yeah actually we dont learn much in college. Agree to that point and most of the time the teachers are not even aware of what they are teaching πŸ˜€


  7. Hilarious! Seems that you have missed the Hybrids?
    Me –> a nerd in Maths classes who is a college first in Probality/Discrete math.
    I got washed out in all theory subjects, which raised to a mountain of 24 arrears, and cleared out everything in final by copy-paste.
    A show-off in programming subjects, which got me a job in IT.
    When it come’s to off-studies, again a show-off gone wrong! 90% of girls, 50% of boys, 80% of teaching staff hates me more than of terrotists!
    Thank God, everything is forgotten in time, and now I get facebook ‘friend’ requsts from most of the people hated me!


    1. Oh I missed writing about hybrids. No one belongs to anyone category looks like.. You are a super hybrid dude.. you belong to so many different categories in so many different ways.. Good that you still overcame all these and now have a job.


      1. There is a time when I had an addition hall ticket (that’s rare!), 10 exams in 5 days, even my principal said to me that I belong to jail before 200 students (I laughed for that too!).
        Now a quite Software Engineer! My HOD’s reaction looked like a stroke when I cleared all the papers in final sem, with an offer letter!


      2. Additional hall ticket? :O 10 in 5 ? Oh my god! how did you manage to clear them. You really are a genius man.Hehe.. can understand the reaction of your HOD πŸ™‚


      3. Not a genius! I copied in almost half the exams to get first class. Feb 3rd, 2008 is an unforgettable day in my life to get my degree with everyone who worked really had!


  8. He did not know that you need to insert the floppy to mount it?? SERIOUSLY? I would have banged his head on the table.if I were in your place!


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