Experience is the best teacher

I was thinking back about the first time that I landed in US. That has to be the scariest day in my life, hands down. That day I felt most lonely and vulnerable in my life. I decided to do my masters in US and after everything was done, including flight tickets, I was scared. I was going to a foreign country, to a foreign city where I knew not even a single soul. I was leaving everyone I loved back in India. I remember the day I was supposed to fly.

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Fiction 55 – Third attempt

Here is another pathetic attempt at writing 55 fiction. Hope you guys/gals will not feel like taking out your slippers after reading! 😦

Wikipedia says “55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.”

The Department


I was relieved to find portions for the exam outside the department.
As I stood there noting them down, I heard him approach.
Five minutes passed in silence before he asked me, “They still haven’t put Optics portions?!!”.
He definitely had not been looking at the board.
We were standing in front of Chemistry department.

Boys find some lame reasons to start a conversation with a girl sometimes. Sorry, this is another kinda non-fiction since this had happened to me. I remembered about this college incident suddenly. I should start a new Non-fiction 55 series probably. But I am sure lot of girls would have faced these kind of funny incidents.

P.S: If you did not get it, Optics is a subject which comes under Physics and not Chemistry.

Please let me know if this was also a silly one. 😦 I will stop torturing you people with my fiction 55s from now onwards and will write something else.

Teachers: Now and Then

This post has been published by me on the occasion of the Teachers’ Day as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 2; the second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton

Today is Teachers’ day, which is celebrated in India on the occasion of the birthday of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, who was the first Vice President of India.

Some unknown person made this quote which explains what the teaching profession is all about :

“Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.”

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MIT’s “V”

I had visited Boston and the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (yes! the Number one engineering university in US).. Here are the two well known Noble Prize winners from MIT:
1. Sen, Amartya 1998 Economics
2. Feynman, Richard P. (deceased) 1965 Physics (shared)

I noticed one thing peculiar there.


The “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” on the dome is written with v’s – as in “Massachvsetts Institvte of Technology

Check here:

MIT Dome

I googled for a long time and found this answer somewhere:

You see “V”s in the place of “U”s because it’s a convention in Latin:

“Special case: The letters “U” and “V”

Note that often on release covers the letter “U” is written as “V”. This usually happens (as it should) only when the text is written in all-caps: “ATHENAEVM” for “Athenaeum”, “RVBICON” for “Rubicon”. In such cases, write them into the database in mixed-case (as described by the rules above) and use the letter “u” for lower-case and “V” for upper-case.” – http://musicbrainz.org/doc/CapitalizationStandardLatin

Very interesting isnt it 🙂

Engineering Students -II


My previous post spoke about gals.. Now about guys…

  • Nerdy :One extreme case is these nerdy guys who sit in the first bench, keep answering in the class, ask 101 doubts.. These guys wouldnt bunk even one class.. Even if everyone in the class was ready to bunk, these guys would refuse to bunk.. But they are very knowledgeable and quite intelligent.. I definitely would prefer an intelligent guy anytime…
  • Showoff : most of the guys are of this type.. These guys want to just showoff that they are very much brilliant.. want to impress the lecturers, girls..They again belong to the copy-paste category but their way of presenting their work is good…
  • Copy-paste category : These guys dont think that they need to learn anything worthwhile.. they are chilled out.. college is a recreation place, to sit under the tree commenting on people, to roam around with girl friends… such people are very resourceful.. they know where to collect materials, programs, projects from..

I remember one of my classmate A who used to mug up programs completely including the printf statements.. I was shocked to see the extent to which he could memorize.. he used to be the first person to complete the practical exam in our batch.. Just before the exam he would catch hold of me and ask me the overview of each program so that he can answer when the examiner questions him..

Another time I remember how this A had taken a project from his senior in a floppy.. he hadnt opened the floppy even once at home.. he brought the floppy directly to the lab exam without even seeing its contents once.. it was a linux project and this is what happened:

A: Hi As, I am not able to mount the floppy.. can you help me mount it?

Me: Oh! it is saying it cannot mount.. why? is the floppy corrupted or something

A: No.. I dont think so.. actually I dont know because a senior had given this to me

Me: Oh! lets remove the floppy and then try in my machine once..

A: floppy is in my bag.. should we insert it?

Me: <totally shocked> how can you mount a floppy without inserting into the machine? :O

This guy got through campus interview before everyone else and now is in US.. what would you say for that??

Engineering Students – I


Phew..those weird engineering days!! Met all kinds of people.. Had proper fun and geeky time too.. Engineering students can be broadly classified like this-


  • Mugging queens: gals who mug answers.. they know only as much as it is given in the textbook.. you ask them why something is like this, they wont know.. 75% of the gals belong to this category.. their purpose is to get through the exams (not to learn), then do some job and ultimate goal in life is to get married..
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One semester over

It’s been five months since I came to US. After slogging for 5 months continuously, it was time for a break. I never even skipped having a chocolate bar on time back home. I became like a Somalian during those exam days when there was nothing to eat. More appropriate explanation for starving can be the lack of time to eat. Never in my life had I slogged like that before. Whole night worked on a project which got over in the morning at 5:30. Then I started working on a second project since both the project submissions were due on the same day. Then it was time to run since the professor had given a deadline of 2 PM to submit the project. Soumya and I ran to the college. By then, Sriram and Shivraj added some more text to the paper and mailed us. We took the printout, ran and submitted at 2:02 (past the deadline). Thankfully, she didnt refuse to accept. After the submission, I ran to give demonstration of the other project. I had already given a demo the previous day but for few conditions, my program would get hung. It was such a big disappointment after working on that project for about a week (when all the others worked on it as a group or flicked from others). Lifu saw my code and he realized that it didnt match with the code written by others in any manner. He had given me a day’s time to correct it. He had asked me to show him where I had gone wrong and had promised me to give a 100 if I did. So, off I went to show the now working code of mine to Lifu. I showed him that I had written for(j=0; j i++) instead of j++ . Then I insisted on giving a demo too. As soon as he saw that he put a 100 on my paper and told me that he had seen the code written by most of the people similar and hence had realized that most of them had worked in groups or had flicked others’ code. I was on cloud nine since he kept praising me and my code again and again. 🙂 Then it was exam time which meant slogging and night outs continued.

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