Engineering Students – I


Phew..those weird engineering days!! Met all kinds of people.. Had proper fun and geeky time too.. Engineering students can be broadly classified like this-


  • Mugging queens: gals who mug answers.. they know only as much as it is given in the textbook.. you ask them why something is like this, they wont know.. 75% of the gals belong to this category.. their purpose is to get through the exams (not to learn), then do some job and ultimate goal in life is to get married..

There was a girl in my lab batch (the only girl other than me).. She was from Mizoram.. She was such an expert at by-hearting. Our lab in-charge used to conduct a viva session every lab class.. I never had any problem since I would be the first person to finish the program in the whole batch and then I would spend the rest of my time debugging others’ programs.. Debugging is good since it strengthens your programming skills and hence I would run around debugging programs.. One day we were waiting to get inside the lab when this girl comes and starts conversing with me..

D: Hi A, can you tell me the definition for inheritance

Me: It is the.. umm..ability to derive new classes from..umm… existing classes.

D: It – is -the-ability-to- derive- new -classes- from -existing -classes. It – is -the-ability-to- derive- new -classes- from -existing -classes. It – is -the-ability-to- derive- new -classes- from -existing -classes.

Me: I mean, umm…you can have a derived class which has umm…all the methods and variables which are present in the base class umm.. along with its own..

D: I-mean, you-can-have-a-derived-class-which-has-all-the-methods-and-variables-which-are-present-in-the-base -class-along-with-its-own..I-mean, you-can-have-a- derived-class-which- has-all-the-methods-and-variables- which- are- present-in-the-base -class-along-with-its-own..I-mean, you-can-have-a-derived-class-which-has- all-the- methods- and-variables-which-are-present-in-the-base -class-along-with-its-own..

Meanwhile, Mr.X comes and asks me

X: Hey A, what’s the definition for inheritance

Me: umm.. it is a way to form new classes..umm.. <pause>

D interferes and says: It – is -the-ability-to- derive- new -classes- from -existing -classes. I-mean, you-can-have-a- derived-class-which-has-all-the-methods-and-variables-which-are-present-in-the-base -class-along-with-its-own..

X got really impressed that D knew it well.. 😛

  • Nerdy girls: rest of the gals dont mug but cant write own programs or do their projects by themselves.. such people take help from others but then present it as if they are very intelligent and get appreciation from others and lecturers.. they wont put any extra effort in learning.. even their aim is to get good marks.. they know the complete textbook by heart.. they know everything taught in the class… usually the class toppers are such girls.. They are very nerdish..

We had a lab called logic design.. though it was called so, hardly anybody applied logic or their brains in it.. We used to have a lab manual which people used to refer to like a bible.. Once so happened that one of the circuits for a register given in that manual was wrong.. Now people were in deep trouble.. They did not know whom to copy this circuit from since everyone referred to this manual.. They waited and waited.. There were other two reference books for that subject.. I had both the books with me and had gone through the register chapter properly.. I and M (M belonged to somewhat-my category) decided to design the circuit on our own using our knowledge.. M knew how to make connections since she had done it in her Diploma course.. I knew the theoretical part of it.. So we began doing it and we did finish it.. Then it spread in the entire class that we had got the results.. People came flooding to copy.. We started conducting training sessions explaining people what we had and how we had achieved this.. Our class topper was one among these ignorant people.. She was the favourite of all the lecturers who regarded her as the most intellectual person on Earth…

  • Gals who try to work: Very very few girls try to work on projects by themselves.. I used to belong to this as well as the previous category (though I can never by heart anything in life.. I used to remember many formulae through their derivation).. The satisfaction that you get upon working on them alone and then achieving the results is worth the effort.. I think I had seen 2 gals in the class who belonged to this category out of all the girls…

A continuation of this article is here:  Engineering Students-II

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  1. lol….. I liked the mugging queens.. I always wondered about the memory of girls.. they mug everything.. they keep everything in memory…I tried it once.. for internal test.. I cant remember what I mugged up… Even one unit was difficult… Girls have very good memory…


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  3. I like ‘mug up queens’.. 3 grls in my class wrote all my record/observation notes, assignments for 4 yrs in my whole B.E.. They are my project mates in final year where I did the tech part, and they secured good marks for me! Also helped me with the books and notes of theirs (I don’t have any bcoz i used to sell them on the first day of sem!) to prepare ‘bit’ to clear down my arrears.


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