September Reading Wrap Up

September wasn’t such a good reading month for me. I managed to read 3 small books, 1 DNF, 2 books on healthy diet and one graphic novel which I borrowed from my local library.

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Scott Pilgrim Graphic Novels

Last month, I finally finished all the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels in the series by Bryan Lee O Malley. I started this series 7 years back when the movie first came out. I read 2 books and then never read the others. I was recently searching for a movie when I noticed Scott Pilgrim movie and I felt like watching it again. This time, I decided I will read all the books and then watch the movie. So I did exactly that and felt that the books are better than the movie. Continue reading

March 2018 Wrap Up

March was not a good reading month since I hardly read any novels. I spent most of my time reading manga and comics. Life was really hectic and my brain did not have the power to process 600 page novels, which is why I chose the easy route of picking comics which can be read in couple of hours without spending much energy.
I read a total of 9 things in March, out of which one was a 600 paged tome and one was a novella. Rest of them were all comics and manga. I borrowed two books from the library and rest were books that I already owned. Some of these I got during my visit to Kinokuniya bookstore.
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Best Comics/Graphic Novels of 2017

I read 39 comics/graphic novels in 2017 only because I discovered that I could borrow them on my ipad from the library. So whenever I felt down, I would just download few of them on my ipad and zip through them in an hour or so. Graphic novels or comics are great for those times when you are in a reading slump or when you are just tired and don’t have the mental energy to sit and read a book. They are almost like watching TV as you don’t have to use a lot of your brain power to process the information. I love reading comics and I used to read them a lot as a kid.
So here are my favorite comics/graphic novels from 2017 –
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Tidbits from real life – 1

Ever imagined how interesting life was when there were no mobile phones available in market. These days, you are in a meeting with your boss and suddenly cell starts ringing at the top volume. It does not ring when you are sitting idle ‘facebook’ing… err.. we should add this word to the dictionary, what say? Just like ‘orkut’ing, ‘twitter’ing or is it called tweeting? Then there are some souls that get hurt because you did not call back or pick their call.


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Parking Woes

This post was lying in my drafts from a long time. Finally posted it.

Ability to park correctly is a talent. I am sure guys agree to this since they know feel that girls cannot park properly. And I used to detest to that statement so much until I witnessed it. A friend of mine who owned a car from 4+ years and had been driving regularly came to drop me home once. She had to parallel park her car on the road since we don’t have a separate parking space for visitors. She kept trying for 10 mins when I suggested that I could get down and direct her to park. I tried directing her to park for another 10 mins after which she gave up. She let go off her ego and asked me if I could park for her. I did it in a minute and as we got down she confessed that this was the first time she ever attempted to parallel park in her entire life. I was kinda taken aback since I had hardly driven but still had parallel parked plenty of times. I seriously felt that she lied in order to hide her inability to parallel park.


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A K-story

This post might seem really very silly to some people and very funny to some others. This post was written just for fun. I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings or beliefs. Others who could not participate in this conversation earlier but enjoyed reading it, please go ahead and comment! And those who participated, have a gala time reading the entire thing again!!! 🙂

Hello folks.. Get some popcorn and start enjoying this previous janam/birth story with all kinds of twists and turns. This might sound somewhat like the usual episode of a saas-bahu type serial but it happened right there at Facebook. All the relationships and bonds of the previous birth were discovered and re-established within a few hours. And why not? Especially when you discover they are your blog buddies. Let’s give this some soap name from ‘K’, since K is lucky and I really want this mega- or giga- or tera- serial of ours to run successfully on my blogi-vision 🙂 And hopefully we will atleast get nominated for best actor/actress/supporting actress/mother/mother-in-law/vamp or whatever role. We can have the award ceremony later. Coming to the name, it’s upto you guys to suggest a good soap name stating with “K” for this story. The best Kekta-type name suggested wins a special award from me. Here is the story in the form of conversations (copy-pasted from Facebook). I hope that people like Shruti who could not participate but would have loved to participate will enjoy this conversation. The conversation started with the results obtained from an application in Facebook (the results are in bold font)

The following are the bloggers involved in this ex-family reunion story:

Ash(Me), Sreya, Neha, Rahul, Shankar and Sid

And the Drama begins………………..

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