Flatland – Book review

Flatland is a science fiction novel published in 1884. I finally got hold of the book and finished reading it today. It is a very short book but since I don’t have much time to read these days, I took a week or so to finish it. My edition had like 133 pages, but I guess some editions have 60 pages or so.

The title of the book says – “Flatland: A romance of many dimensions by a Square”. This book is narrated by a square (a two-dimensional geometric figure). The author of the book mentioned inside the book and not on the cover is Edwin A. Abbott.


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Surely you’re joking Mr. Feynman


This is one of my most favorite books and Feynman is one of my favorite scientists. I read this book again this year, since it had been more than a decade since I last read this book. It was almost like reading it for the first time since I did not remember most part of the book.

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20+ yrs with a computer

Some people in India do not get to choose their career and are usually forced by their parents to pursue Engineering or Medical fields. But it was not so in my case. I was never forced to take up Engineering. In fact, every single person in my family wanted me to enter into medical field. I was adamant that I only wanted to study computer science. I was not interested in any of the other engineering branches too. And I did not choose this field because it has a high paying job or because some Tom, Dick and Harry chose it. I chose it because I loved it.


So what really made me want to study computer science?

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Things to do at night – Death Valley

When we recently planned a trip to Death Valley National Park, people said spending 3 days in Death Valley would be wasteful since there wasn’t much to do in Death Valley. But 3 days were not enough for Death Valley. Really! There is a lot to see and do!

Death Valley is gifted with a dark night sky. I could see more stars in the sky than I have ever seen. There is hardly any light pollution and there is so much you can do at night.

  1. Sleep under the stars.

    This is something that was on my to-do list for a long time.

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Russian space missions

This is a continuation of my post: Planetary Missions. While the earlier post was mostly biased towards NASA, this post is mostly about USSR’s missions.

I browsed through “Russian federal space agency” website sometime back and found information on many of their space missions. http://www.roscosmos.ru/ (OR) http://www.federalspace.ru/

I thought I will make a brief summary of my findings there. I was not aware of many of these missions until I read about them recently. As you can see, these were the ones which actually started the space age. I was excited to read about so many of these “first” in the world.

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How I killed Pluto… and Dragons of Eden – Book Review

I love reading non-fiction books, especially those on science. That should explain why I always expected and was excited to receive encyclopedias as my birthday gifts from my parents. Every year they would give me some series of books or some huge encyclopedia, mostly on science. I told you I am a nerd 😀

This year I read two great non-fiction books which I just loved.

How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming

Author: Mike Brown


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