Flatland – Book review

Flatland is a science fiction novel published in 1884. I finally got hold of the book and finished reading it today. It is a very short book but since I don't have much time to read these days, I took a week or so to finish it. My edition had like 133 pages, but I... Continue Reading →

Surely you’re joking Mr. Feynman

This is one of my most favorite books and Feynman is one of my favorite scientists. I read this book again this year, since it had been more than a decade since I last read this book. It was almost like reading it for the first time since I did not remember most part of... Continue Reading →

The Martian – Book Review

Author: Andy Weir "Apollo 13 meets Cast away" - This line itself made me pick up the book. I did not have to read the synopsis further before deciding to pick up this book. The book is written in the form of logs, left by an astronaut (Mark Watney) stranded in Mars, alone. One reason... Continue Reading →

20+ yrs with a computer

Some people in India do not get to choose their career and are usually forced by their parents to pursue Engineering or Medical fields. But it was not so in my case. I was never forced to take up Engineering. In fact, every single person in my family wanted me to enter into medical field. I was... Continue Reading →

The Grand Design – Book Review

There was a lot of hullabaloo about Stephen Hawking's new book, where he stated : "Modern physics has now proved that God played no role in the creation of the universe." Atheists and theists, everyone was commenting on this statement. Theists wrote a lot of posts (just on WordPress) refuting Hawking's statement and saying that... Continue Reading →

Russian space missions

This is a continuation of my post: Planetary Missions. While the earlier post was mostly biased towards NASA, this post is mostly about USSR's missions. I browsed through "Russian federal space agency" website sometime back and found information on many of their space missions. http://www.roscosmos.ru/ (OR) http://www.federalspace.ru/ I thought I will make a brief summary of my findings... Continue Reading →

Trip to Oregon

Hubby and I made a road trip recently and this was the longest we have made ever. He drove alone for about 1200 miles. And as a result, we ended up suffering from back ache and other body pains for over a week 🙂 I wanted to visit Oregon and Crater lake park from a... Continue Reading →

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