Wyrd and Wonder: TBR

I am joining Imyril and some other wonderful bloggers on a journey through fantasy land this May as part of Wyrd and Wonder. If you would like to sign up or find out more details about this blogging event, please check out this post.

It’s still April 30th night in US but it is already May 1st in all the other parts of the world so I am posting this anyway.

Coming to the books that I am planning to read in May, I will choose books from this pile here –

I am definitely taking part in the Trail of Lightning readalong that is being hosted. I have started reading this book and I am loving it. I am also thinking of picking up its sequel Storm of Locusts this month. I met Rebecca Roanhorse last year at Worldcon and chatted with her about her books and also got it signed from her. She also won a Hugo award last year and her speech was amazing. I also saw her talk in a panel on apocalypse but had no idea her books were set in an apocalyptic world. Thanks to Wyrd and Wonder, I will finally get to read this series in May.

I will also read Good Omens in May since there is a TV series adaptation of this book starting in May. I would love to watch the series but I need to finish the book before that.

After reading Trail of Lightning and Good Omens, if I still have some time left in May, I plan to read a young adult fantasy novel like The Cruel Prince and its sequel, The Wicked King or To Kill a Kingdom which is a standalone. I also have The Lie Tree which has been on my TBR for way too long.

I also want to read Malice and Red Sister this month, if I feel like it. I would love to binge read a series so I will pick one of these two completed series. It has been so long since I read all the books in a series back to back.

I might do a try a chapter tag and pick a book from this pile. Hoping that I get through at least 3-4 books from this selection.

Are you taking part in Wyrd and Wonder? If so, are you reading any of these books that I am reading?


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  1. I’m super excited to take part yet another year. ๐Ÿ˜€ I rec Good Omens, Red Sister and To Kill a Kingdom very highly. I hope you have lots of fun. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. I loved To Kill A Kingdom. It was a refreshingly stabby take on The Little Mermaid, and if it strayed towards tropes at times it did so with much enthusiasm for ripping out hearts, which kept me happy. I’ve not quite caved in to adding The Cruel Prince to my TBR, but I’ve finally decided I’m going to have to read Red Sister. I never expected to read Mark Lawrence, but… I’ve heard too many good things about this series now!


    1. I started reading To Kill a Kingdom multiple times and then put it down for some reason. But I did like the part that I read. Hoping that I get to read it this month at least. Even I heard a lot of good things about Red Sister. I wasn’t interested in reading his other grimdark series but this sounds fascinating.

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  3. How many wonderful books! ๐Ÿ˜ I’ll join the read along for Trail of Lightning too (and I’m going to start it this evening… Soooo excited!) and I have just bought Red Sister. I don’t know if I would read it in May, but at least I’ve got it! ๐Ÿ˜


  4. Hallo, Hallo Avada!

    So good to have you for our 2nd #WyrdAndWonder event! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love your book photo feat. your TBR! I’m sorting out the photos I want to be sharing this month as well – esp as I spied the list of prompts Imyril happily compiled for us! I’m getting my posts ready to launch onto my blog as I type this note to you! I had a wreck of a migraine this past weekend which delayed my visitations but I’m thankful I’ve come through the worst of it now – loads of rest did wonders but it was related to extreme allergies and the after effects of trying to work through them. Aye.

    I saw you mentioned having a RAL for two of these novels – I’m committed to a RAL already which I’ve been meaning to be a more active co-host (ie. #ADayeAMonth for October Daye) – however, if you want to run lead on hosting discussions for these that would be an option? I can’t take anything else on right now as I have a huge stack of lovelies to be reading and this weekend’s migraine was a fierce reminder not to ‘add-on’ to what I already planned to read/post/discuss. Otherwise I’d have seen if I could get involved… that is if the stories were my cuppa tea to be reading which I’m not entirely sure if they were? Definitely jump in to discuss them if you want? We have a section of the Master Archive for RALs/discussions?

    I looked into the Lightning novel but after reading a post by a fellow #WyrdAndWonder participant, I opted-out of it. Just not for me.

    I am looking forward to your posts/comments on the stories your reading.. I try to keep a door ajar in case I’m mistaken about an author I haven’t yet read.. one beautiful thing about this event is having such a wide spectrum of authors/stories/series being featured all at once!

    Glad you dropped by my blog recently and here’s to a wicked lovely May for us both!

    PS: I know Lisa and I will continue our RAL for #Wayfarer series this #RRSciFiMonth as we had to push it forward.


    1. Hello Jorie, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I wanted to take part in the photo challenge so badly but work got pretty hectic and I couldn’t find time to post much this month. I am now working on a new project at my workplace and that is sucking up all my free time on weekdays. I haven’t been able to read much either. I just finished one book this month which I read in the first week. I could have run some readalongs for wyrd and wonder ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but because of my current hectic schedule, I think I won’t be able to even blog much this month. But next year, I will plan in advance and will make time for this event in May. Actually I can try to host something for scifiNovember too. Thanks for the brilliant idea!

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      1. I’m hoping to add to the photo challenge after this weekend – my migraine took a good fortnight to recover from and therefore nothing actually made it to Twitter OR my blog in that regard plus I’m still holding back quite a few posts/reviews due to it as well. I’m hoping to launch more than half of them this weekend and get back with my regular scheduling this Monday.

        Ooh your welcome! I’m glad I could inspire you! Don’t stress about anything this year – just do what you can and as you said – pre-plan for Year 3, I know I am! I’ve decided I’m going to do a concentrated reading of #dragonfiction next year with some of the other Fantasy novels I never had the proper chance to read until then, too.

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