Food disaster

Team lunches/treats..painful 😦 I just dont like them.. there is nothing wrong with your ear (rather, eyes).. I dont like “eating” and have to stuff food into my mouth every time.. then why do not I look like a model? Why am I attaining weight? Simple reason, a huge chocolate a day cannot keep the doctor away for long..Even ice creams and cakes aid to the noble cause.. Now since people are leaving the company/city, the treat rate has increased these days..

Recently, I had been to a treat given by my friend who will be leaving the city soon.. They ordered for a soup, followed by pav bhaji and then the rotis.. By the time others had started having the second roti, I was struggling to finish my soup.. I am not exaggerating.. “*sigh* you eat so slowly”, was what one of my friend had to say about it.. I cant help it..
Another disaster occured when my friend ordered for a full south indian meals on my behalf, though she was aware of the quantity I usually have.. People started wondering when I was going to start having rice in my plate when to their disbelief and my relief, I told that I had finished having it.. Then why did it look untouched? That was because the ratio of the quantity of rice eaten to that left behind was very less..

I always thought I was the only person who starves even after finishing the lunch.. But, my boss proved that I was wrong.. My team leader was supposed to give us a treat since he was getting married.. He suggested we go to some nice South Indian restaurant but my team mate was adamant about going to an European restaurant.. I had been there many times before and had eaten chocolate mousse cakes (for which it was famous) but never had I imagined having lunch there.. Menu looked very disgusting; it was full of prongs, crabs, fish and what not! I couldnt find even a single vegetarian dish.. My team mate happened to see a vegetarian pizza and hence shoved the menu to me.. The pizza was tasteless.. neither was it spicy nor did it seem to have salt.. I somehow swallowed a quarter of it and then made him eat the rest of it.. He was the only person who seemed to have liked the food.. every other person there struggled to finish his plate.. The host himself had kept his plate intact and apologized saying, “I am sorry for spoiling your lunch today”.. So how do we fill our stomach, now that the host’s pockets were empty (have a look at the prices there, you will definitely faint) ? One guy suggested corner house.. I had a big, nice icecream there and was satisfied.. My boss thought of experimenting with the ice cream as well and ended up having a weird flavour.. he cudnt finish even the ice cream.. poor guy he had to starve that day! What do my relatives and friends say? Hmm.. people keep asking me if I am dieting but later on they realize that I am not fashion conscious..I was always more worried about my marks and stuff than looking good.. My friends keep pitying my future husband and children who might have to starve.. they are more worried about the future.. Let’s see what’s going to happen!

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