First interview

Life is currently too hectic – with all three of us falling sick in turns. We still haven’t recovered – baby and I are still sick. Hubby and I have been taking turns to look after the kid. I am just waiting for this horrible winter to get over. Spring, please come fast!

Amidst all this madness, I took my first interview of a candidate. I was excited to conduct an interview as I have never done that before. I wanted to know what it would be like to be on the other side of the process.

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Women and work

I finished reading the book Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg. It was inspiring and motivating. This post is not a review of the book, but instead I am writing about my experiences as a woman student or an employee and how the subjects discussed in this book relate to my life. These are my thoughts after reading the book.

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Back to the Society

I am back with a post (after err..3 weeks?). I have not read any of the blogs. I have to catch up on other blogs too. There was a time when I had nothing much to do and now I am suddenly getting boggled with work. I was stuck in a training and as soon as I am back, I have hell lot of work to finish 😦

We had a session where we were supposed to write the activities that we like doing the most and using them find a dream job. Funnily, I just had eat, sleep, watch TV, movies etc on my list. I felt the best job which will allow me to do these activities would be that of a housewife. Later on, I found out that all the other girls had the same ‘dream job’ too. 🙂 Only one girl had the dream of winning a beauty pageant. There was a time when I wanted to do this and that but now I guess I am tired of all the running. Hopefully will get out of this phase soon.

One good thing that I did in these days is something that I wanted to do from a very long time. Our group went to a community service center in the town and we did some voluntary social service. It was quite tiring but I really had such a great feeling later on. I felt like I did something to the society. Earlier I had donated all my old clothes to such a center when I changed my city, but this time I was working there as a volunteer.


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Food disaster

Team lunches/treats..painful 😦 I just dont like them.. there is nothing wrong with your ear (rather, eyes).. I dont like “eating” and have to stuff food into my mouth every time.. then why do not I look like a model? Why am I attaining weight? Simple reason, a huge chocolate a day cannot keep the doctor away for long..Even ice creams and cakes aid to the noble cause.. Now since people are leaving the company/city, the treat rate has increased these days..

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Satire success

Drama/dance and me.. Impossible! Well, I belonged to the category of people who would run away if asked to take part in any drama or dance or anything to do with stage..

Let me recall…hmm.. While at primary, I had danced a couple of times for school day.. Then ofcourse, the Durga pooja and Kali pooja functions where I had danced (I was in North India).. Only group dances, I was never alone on stage.. Ahh! this reminds me of the first time I had worn a saree.. that was a red and white saree worn in the typical bengali style with the help of my bengali friend’s mother.. I looked like a typical bongali gurl.. That is it..never ever danced again in my life 🙂

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Back in action!

Havent blogged for quite sometime.. reason: was busy enjoying.. Had one of the most wonderful birthdays of my life.. and the reason was the way my friends made it special by giving me a party with probably the costliest gift I had ever received.. I really thank god for making me join this company and get such selfless and caring friends..Unfortunately, this will be my last birthday here 😦 Also, thanks to Orkut I was able to meet many of my old friends, stay in touch with many of them.. I found my best friend’s number through Orkut and spoke to her after almost 8 years.. Can you believe it? And I was very glad to know that we still were as close as we were before..
This week I witnessed one of my best friend’s marriage.. just a couple of years back we were sitting in the classroom giggling together and now already she is lost in her own world..but we had a lovely time meeting many of the classmates after a long time.. Then had fun watching 36 China Town (though later we cribbed for wasting 100 bucks for it) with another friend when we were wondering how arranged marriages can click? I mean, what if you marry someone with completely opposite taste and behaviour since you know nothing about that person before marriage..It is all about compromising and that will be always from the girl’s side.. But how can a girl, who has been spoonfed and has been given everything under the sun when demanded, adjust? When you dont compromise for even an icecream flavor now, how can you be able to compromise later for everything? Very difficult.. But, I need not worry about the future since I will very soon learn compromising by leaving home and going to a place which one of the seniors refers to as “Hell“.. With no mom to bring milk near the bed, no dad to say good morning daily, no friends to hang out with on weekends, to watch movies with and no salary to spend on lavish clothes 😦