Weight Loss and Diet Books Read

I have been overweight and obese from last few years. After my son was born, within just a few months, I lost all my pregnancy weight. But within a year, I gained plenty of extra pounds due to hormonal changes and a more sedentary lifestyle. I even stopped going to supermarkets and started ordering everything... Continue Reading →

The school of essential ingredients

I picked this book just because I wanted to read something different. I was bored of reading similar kinds of books. This was a genre that I had not explored so I thought why not. I ordered Chocolat and this book, both based on cooking and food just to see if I will like the... Continue Reading →

After my previous post about trying Moroccan food, I realized that it had been very long since I had tried any new cuisine. At some point of time, I was very eager to try out new cuisines, but of late I have not experimented much with food. Being away from India makes me crave only... Continue Reading →

Morocco’s restaurant

There was a time when I was very picky about food, but not anymore. I had written a post here earlier about how I am finally able to experiment with food and try out new cuisines. Recently I got to try Morocco's cuisine which I had never tried before. In fact, I did not even know... Continue Reading →


My encounters with food have been very interesting. If you happened to read my earlier post about food here: Abstemiousness to gluttonousness, you would know what I am talking about. There was a time when I hated eating and hated trying new food. There were very less number of dishes that I ate. But suddenly my... Continue Reading →

Abstemiousness to gluttonousness

Food was something I always avoided eating. My mom would do every possible thing to make me eat on time, which I never did. I abstained from eating. But now the things have changed completely. I have become a foodie totally. I love eating and would be dying to eat. This can be attributed to... Continue Reading →

Food disaster

Team lunches/treats..painful 😦 I just dont like them.. there is nothing wrong with your ear (rather, eyes).. I dont like "eating" and have to stuff food into my mouth every time.. then why do not I look like a model? Why am I attaining weight? Simple reason, a huge chocolate a day cannot keep the... Continue Reading →

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