Weight Loss and Diet Books Read

I have been overweight and obese from last few years. After my son was born, within just a few months, I lost all my pregnancy weight. But within a year, I gained plenty of extra pounds due to hormonal changes and a more sedentary lifestyle. I even stopped going to supermarkets and started ordering everything from Amazon with an Amazon Prime subscription and from Google shopping express, as it was difficult to take the baby along for shopping. I had zero time for self care or exercise since life was already hectic with a small baby and full time job. On top of that, I had a stressful life, thanks to the horrible team (and manager) that I was a part of. With lack of sleep, stressful life and hardly any exercise, I bloated like a pumpkin.

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The school of essential ingredients

I picked this book just because I wanted to read something different. I was bored of reading similar kinds of books. This was a genre that I had not explored so I thought why not. I ordered Chocolat and this book, both based on cooking and food just to see if I will like the genre. Both books were good but not mind blowing. They were not so good that I would want to read more books in this genre.

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New cuisines to try list

After my previous post about trying Moroccan food, I realized that it had been very long since I had tried any new cuisine. At some point of time, I was very eager to try out new cuisines, but of late I have not experimented much with food. Being away from India makes me crave only for Indian dishes. I do want to try some new cuisines and hence this post.

I just browsed through yelp to see what cuisines I have never tried before and found such a huge list. I am not sure I can try all these cuisines as most of them have very limited vegetarian options. I definitely would have tried all of them had I been eating non-vegetarian food. But still I hope to eat something in these restaurants some day.

I found out from yelp that my city has restaurants from all these countries. I was shocked to see the list. Idea behind this post is to make a note of all the possible cuisines available.

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Morocco’s restaurant

There was a time when I was very picky about food, but not anymore. I had written a post here earlier about how I am finally able to experiment with food and try out new cuisines. Recently I got to try Morocco’s cuisine which I had never tried before. In fact, I did not even know that restaurants from this country even existed in US. My team was taken to this restaurant for lunch and I went with the idea that I will not like the food. I glanced through the menu and I had no idea about most of the dishes. Then our team came with the idea of having a family style lunch, where you order multiple dishes and share them. That sounded good as I no longer had to scratch my head to select a dish. My boss did that on our behalf.

Morocco’s restaurant is located in Mountain View, California on the Castro Street, closer to El Camino Real. I love walking on Castro Street as it is lined with restaurants on either side of the road. The downtown feeling that you get there is unmatched. But we end up having difficulty in finding a parking spot on that street as the restaurants are usually crowded. Thankfully, we found a spot right in front of the restaurant. There are multiple parking spaces in front of this restaurant, so parking should not be a problem.

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My encounters with food have been very interesting. If you happened to read my earlier post about food here: Abstemiousness to gluttonousness, you would know what I am talking about. There was a time when I hated eating and hated trying new food. There were very less number of dishes that I ate. But suddenly my hatredness towards food vanished into thin air. When mom made food was not available and after having eaten the food that I cooked, I think any food on this planet would feel tastier. When I can eat that horrible dish that I made, I can eat anything in any restaurant, as long as it is vegetarian. Why Vegetarian only? No, not because of caste or religion, it’s because I love animals and would not want to hurt them at any cost.

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Abstemiousness to gluttonousness

Food was something I always avoided eating. My mom would do every possible thing to make me eat on time, which I never did. I abstained from eating. But now the things have changed completely. I have become a foodie totally. I love eating and would be dying to eat. This can be attributed to the lack of food stuff available. There were many instances in the past when I had refused to eat something since it was spicy or the salt content in it was inappropriate. Now I can eat food in any form as long as it is edible and vegetarian..
After spending almost what was like 3 weeks without proper food, we finally started cooking proper food (proper doesnt imply that it is “good”).. The first time we experimented with rasam, it had come out well except for the fact that it didnt seem to have even a pinch of salt and we had to drink 10 litres of water after having it. Well, it happens when you enter the kitchen for the first time in your life..As days went past, we improved quite a lot.. But we missed “good” food or rather “good indian” food..
That was when one of my roommate got samosas from an indian restaurant..That was the first form of food we enjoyed eating..

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Food disaster

Team lunches/treats..painful 😦 I just dont like them.. there is nothing wrong with your ear (rather, eyes).. I dont like “eating” and have to stuff food into my mouth every time.. then why do not I look like a model? Why am I attaining weight? Simple reason, a huge chocolate a day cannot keep the doctor away for long..Even ice creams and cakes aid to the noble cause.. Now since people are leaving the company/city, the treat rate has increased these days..

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