This post was pending from a very long time…
We, classmates, were supposed to meet after a very long time..people planned for a trip to wonderla.. I went to Deeps’ place..Deeps and I waited for almost an hour to receive a missed call from the others..but no one turned up..we started feeling tense hoping that the plan didnt get cancelled at the very last minute..her mom increased our trauma by telling us that it will be 1 o’clock noon by the time we reach there if we are going to leave this much late..at the same time, the cell phone beeped once.. we went to the decided spot and waited for the others..no one was to be seen.. after some 15 mins of waiting, we noticed them on the other footpath.. later on, we got to know that even they were waiting on the other footpath for almost 15 mins..

After standing in the bus stop for quite sometime, a bus came.. we were glad to hear from the driver that it will be stopping at Wonderla and to our satisfaction, it was almost empty and we got seats instantly.. but our joy lasted for just 5 mins when the conductor said this bus doesnt go to wonderla.. we were shocked to know that the driver himself was not sure where the bus was heading to.. we got down at the next stop.. waited for a while when another bus came and this time we asked both the driver and the conductor and after being assured that it will be going to Wonderla, we got into it.. within half an hour, we were at the destination.. but again from there we had to catch another bus.. there was a wonderla bus waiting which took us to the park.. We were at the entrance at the right time.. 10:30 sharp when the park was just being opened for the day..

We bought the tickets worth 480 each.. First we got ourselves a locker, kept all our stuff inside, took the cell phones and cameras with us and we started with the dry games – the dashing cars followed by the termite rollercoaster, then the drop zone and few more.. Wonder Splash was the last and the only one in which we were tempted to go again.. What a nice feeling it was to get fully wet in that hot sun!! Everyone was hungry and we decided to have lunch and then proceed with the water games…

Finished lunch..hmm..Our stomachs were about to burst.. what with heavy South Indian meals at the Adigas, followed by a Cornetto immediately.. We were surely not in the mood to play any of the games.. All of us wanted to have a nice nap.. but the water games were so tempting.. We kept all the cameras, cell phones in the locker, but kept the maps and other needed items in my kurta’s pocket and headed towards the wave pool.. no waves to our disappointment.. but they were about to start.. the time was just slipping like anything.. we could hardly make out that we had spent an hour or so there..with shru and deeps getting almost drowned many times, I and sush were like lifeguards saving others from drowning 😉


Then we headed towards the water pendulum.. Deeps wanted someone to accompany her.. no one was ready..she pulled me with her.. I thought it will not be very frightening and agreed.. but as soon as I was supposed to sit on the tube, I saw the height and felt nauseated.. Since I could not come back (it was a matter of prestige, you see), I sat with my eyes firmly closed and he pushed the tube.. I felt as if I was falling from a 10 storey building suddenly.. must say, I was very much thrilled once it was over :P.. Deeps suggested that we go again and I was no way going in it again..

Finally after playing all the other water games atleast twice, we headed to the lockers, took the cameras, wailed away time in the play pool, took some snaps and changed our clothes.. Then we had Bajji, coffee, Icecream again, popcorns, sweet corns… and it was time to head back home.. So soon, it was all over.. Then for the next few days, I couldnt lift my feet or move my hands..even my neck had got sprained 😀

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