Jan 2019 Wrap Up

2019 has been a hectic year and I have not been able to read the books that I had planned to read. Instead, I am reading books that were not even part of my TBR. I saw the Marie Kondo show and Salt Fat Acid Heat show and suddenly got inspired to do some organization of home and kitchen. I read a total of 9 books in Jan, but most of them were non-fiction and small sized books.

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When I Hit You – Book Review

When I Hit You: Or, A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife‘ by Meena Kandasamy got released last year and I added it to my TBR immediately since it is a semi-autobiographical account of marital abuse. The author underwent abuse from her husband and this book is a fictionalized version of that. I had never read a book on domestic violence and considering this was by an Indian author, I was even more intrigued. What made me finally pick this book was the fact that this book got short listed to 2018 Bailey’s prize for women’s fiction. Link for the shortlist. I only saw positive reviews for this book everywhere and that made me pick it up.

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Indians and white color

I am back after a long time with a rant post 🙂 And it is mainly a result of discussion with a friend yesterday and what I have been experiencing for a long time. It is a very cliched topic but I still wanted to have a post about it on my blog.

You guessed it right, it is about the obsession with fairness that Indians have. Why do we Indians think that white people are better? I mean, what is wrong in being dark?! Why do we crave for white skin so much?

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Indian Monuments

UNESCO World heritage monuments in India: http://whc.unesco.org/en/statesparties/in

So here is a list of all the world heritage monuments and I have knocked out the ones I have been to. Please consider this as a tag and list all those that you have been to. And if you feel some other monument deserves to be on this list but is not there, let me know that. I will probably add them to my must-visit places list.

When I saw this list on UNESCO’s site, I was so happy. Because when I compared heritage monuments of different countries listed there, India was one of the very few countries with so many monuments on the list (others being France, Germany, Spain, Italy etc). Countries like US just had 8 entries there and we have 23. Our country is rich in heritage and this is a proof for that.

I recently visited some places in North India, so now I am done with visiting more than one-half of the world heritage monuments in India.

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Bryan Adams in India

Finally! I made up my mind and finished this post after like 2 weeks. Bryan Adams made a world tour and there was a show of his in Bengaluru recently. I had once bought tickets for a Celine Dion show, which got postponed 😦 I wanted to attend a Bon Jovi concert, but did not get company. This was the first rock concert I ever attended and thus ticked one more to-do item from my “things to do before I die” list. It was so freaking awesome and after I screamed sung songs with BA..ahem.. my throat was gone, my hands were paining from clapping non-stop and my heart was pounding so hard because of all the excitement that I wondered if it would tear my skin and drop itself on the ground 😛


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