Count so far: Injured – 0 Dead – 0

A car is a car if it can ride you nearby or far” ..ok ok.. sorry..I know this is not the right place to quote stupid rhymes..
After procrastinating for so many months, the day finally arrived!!! I got registered for a course in car driving.. The very first day I was late by 25 mins.. the driver was furious with his face red for making him wait for so long.. no no, my house was not 10 kms away from the driving school.. it would take me 2 mins to reach the place.. I promised to be on time from the next day.. (as if I would..hehe) .. but the next day was a tuesday (not an auspicious day to start a new task.. as though all the tasks started on an auspicious day have been fruitful) hmm… still my father wont let me start on a tuesday.. I was very happy since I could avoid getting up early on tuesday..

Finally the day came when I was supposed to break the legs of some pedestrians and make the tutor go insane with the erratic driving.. Dont get scared.. it was not that much disastrous after all.. I reached the school in time so no blastings this time.. He took half an hour to explain the parts and other stuff.. that was quite neat but full of abstruse mechanical words.. engine, gear, coolant, radiator, carborator.. man!! I thought studying mechanical as a subject in engineering was not a waste completely.. atleast it helped me digest these words..
The moment I was waiting for came…

  • press the clutch and switch to the first gear
  • turn the key clockwise (start the engine)

Then he made a mistake which even he realized a moment later.. he said “Press the accelerator“.. the very next moment the vehicle was zooming at the top most speed.. he shouted “slow..slow..not so fasttt“.. After driving for some time, I felt it to be really exciting.. I was so thrilled to drive a four wheeler… surprisingly, I was not at all scared (I had expected myself to get scared).. the cold wind was blowing on my face.. And also hopefully, I didnt hit any person throughout my expedition (thanks to the extra brake and clutch given to the instructor).. There was no chance of skidding and falling also, the way I had skidded innumerable times while learning my two wheeler.. Overall, it was a pleasure ride.. I thought I can always choose the profession of a car driver!!

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  1. I never had a class on mechanical thank God! 🙂 Auspicious day was funny.. now I know why I had so much trouble. I must’ve started on ‘rahukala’ or smthing ..heeehee ;-D


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