Being nice to others

... is what I have learnt from my parents. Not hurting other person's feelings Not being rude Not being sarcastic Not insulting others Not passing judgmental comments on others Never try to ruin someone's career or life, just because you have to succeed Smiling back at other people, when they smile at you Not backstabbing... Continue Reading →

Experience is the best teacher

I was thinking back about the first time that I landed in US. That has to be the scariest day in my life, hands down. That day I felt most lonely and vulnerable in my life. I decided to do my masters in US and after everything was done, including flight tickets, I was scared.... Continue Reading →

Thanksgivings trip

K organized this trip entirely for thanksgivings holidays. 9 of us went on a trip together and it was fun. I don't remember the last trip when I had enjoyed this much. This was our first trip with friends after marriage. K had booked a cabin near Lake Tahoe for 3 days. The group consisted... Continue Reading →

It’s a small small world

World is indeed very small. This is what I have been thinking for a while now. I am back to work after a break of 3 months, when I played the housewife role. I had enough of it as I got utterly terribly bored. I have noticed something in my life. Usually the "goodbye" that... Continue Reading →

White Mountains

This post was lying in my drafts from God knows how many months/years 😛 Finally I completed and posted it today. I want this travelogue to stay in my memory forever, since this was the best trip I have ever had in my life 🙂 * A very long post alert * This trip happened... Continue Reading →

Blogger Meets

I finally got to meet some bloggers, now that I am back in India. The last time there was such a meet, I really felt bad that I could not attend it. We had an Indiblogger Bangalore meet yesterday and more than 250 people attended it. There were more men than women who attended it.... Continue Reading →

Nostalgic post

Isn't it true that college days are the best days of our lives? These days I have become very nostalgic about my college days, owing to the fact that I can't meet even a single college friend of mine 😦 Yeah! this is what happens when you leave the country where you have tons of... Continue Reading →

Tidbits from real life – 1

Ever imagined how interesting life was when there were no mobile phones available in market. These days, you are in a meeting with your boss and suddenly cell starts ringing at the top volume. It does not ring when you are sitting idle 'facebook'ing... err.. we should add this word to the dictionary, what say?... Continue Reading →

Weekend games

Rainy season it is and what do we do for timepass? Games 😀 Yeah I love games and all sorts of them. This week and last weekend just went in playing games. What games you ask eh? Check this: PS3 I am totally addicted to it and have wasted lot of time playing games on... Continue Reading →

A K-story

This post might seem really very silly to some people and very funny to some others. This post was written just for fun. I don't intend to hurt anyone's feelings or beliefs. Others who could not participate in this conversation earlier but enjoyed reading it, please go ahead and comment! And those who participated, have... Continue Reading →

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