What I have been up to

Hey all,

How are you all doing? Hope you are all safe. I stopped blogging completely but it was not planned. I just did not feel like blogging and did not think I had anything to blog about. The last few months have been depressing and my kid is at home which kept me busy. It is difficult to keep a small child entertained at home, while also making sure you are working on your full time job.

I deactivated my Facebook account (finally!) few months back and haven’t felt the need to activate it again. To make sure I don’t end up activating my account, I created a new account where I am following my favorite groups and pages. That account has zero friends and that helped me as I could still follow some updates on my news feed but did not have to deal with friends. My mental state has improved so much as I no longer compare myself with others and their lives. I used to constantly feel bad when people posted photos of their trips or photos with their friends as I don’t really have a good friend circle here. Now I am happy and content with my own life. Also some negative posts about current affairs or political posts would trigger me so much and that is not there now. We (husband and I) like science/astronomy/geeky stuff that not many people like so it’s difficult to find like minded friends as we don’t like what others generally like. I don’t like romance/sappy stuff, I don’t like cooking, I don’t like small talk, I don’t like partying or socializing all the time. I prefer reading quietly at home to going out most of the time.

I hardly use Twitter or Instagram either so I can safely say I am not on any social media right now and that is such a relief for me. I think I am generally more happy in life now. The only place I socialize on is my family group on Whatsapp which I check when people post anything other than junk forwards.

I was always interested in board games and we had few games at home that I had bought but never played. We used this quarantine time to play some board games. I also ended up ordering many games which we played with the kid. If you are looking for some ways to spend time with your family and want to have fun with kids, get board games. After I started doing my research, I found so many amazing board games that I did not even know existed. We had 3-4 board games but now we have 40 or so games at home. Lol. I love playing with my kid and I get excited every time he beats us in a game. Board games made these boring days at home enjoyable.

Some of the games that we have been playing at home –

Other than that, we have been binge watching some TV series. I finished all the seasons of The Good Place and it is now one of my most favorite TV shows ever. I loved the philosophical discussions along with the humor. I had no interest in philosophy but after watching the show, I am interesting in learning philosophy.

We then watched first season and half of second season of “Anne with an E”. The first season was great but second season was crap. They deviated from the book and added elements from modern day which made it boring. But the actors did a great job. I am now planning to reread the books from this series.

We are currently watching “The Expanse” TV show. I tried to read the first book from the series but found it too slow paced for my liking. I tried watching first few episodes few years back and found it boring too. This time we slogged through the boring bits and now we are hooked. It is one of the best space shows I have ever seen. We are on season 2 and can’t stop watching it. I will try to read the book series sometime in the future but for now, loving the TV show. This is indeed Game of Thrones in space.

I have read one or two books here and there but not much reading as I am not alone during the day. Family is at home so I don’t get time where I can sit alone and read stuff. I did listen to couple of audiobooks while doing some work like “The Last Emperox” – the concluding book for John Scalzi’s series and loved it. I read it on the day it was released on Audible and it was a  fitting conclusion to an epic series.

I also read some fantasy books that were on my tbr for a long time. More on the books I read in another post.

-will be back with another post soon!

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  1. So happy to see you back here. And to know that you are doing well.

    Oh and the social media drag is real. I have uninstalled all apps (except instagram) on my phone. And on desktop – I killed my FB news feed. So I only get notified if someone specifically tags me. All other times, I only log in to FB to engage on pages, and connect within groups. And I have naturally reduced my time on Twitter – as that platform did the most damage to my sanity. As far as Instagram goes, I’ve curated my list with a lot of thought, and that is working out for me. It’s my happy place on the internet – for now. 🙂

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    1. Instagram is much better than FB and Twitter I feel. Even I login there once in a while and scroll through my feed. There is more positivity there and it is nice to scroll through images sometimes. Hope you are doing well Shantala!


  2. I feel you. Social media can be depressing. You might be happy in your little world with things that you do, but you log in and you will see people reading 200 books in a year and running 100 kms every week (talking about my own interests)! The problem is we see only the best on social media. Frankly speaking, FB has become a little boring. I hardly post anything there. You already share things on Whatsapp with your friends and family, again putting it on FB looks repetitive.
    I have just joined Instagram but only as a professional tool. I wanted to write more often on my blog during this lockdown. I even have 30-40 post ideas but nothing really converted.
    How old is your kid? We also played a lot of board games but our absolute favourite is Scrabble and we play it every day. Scabble is an excellent game to inculcate love for learning new words, in kids. My son started playing Scrabble at 4, and now at 8, he is a pro. He can beat many adults also. Even Jigsaw puzzles are great for kids. We don’t have TV, so he has been reading, rediscovering his old books, reading some new ones on my Kindle, making craft, playing a bit on my mobile, playing board games, sometimes cooking, etc.

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    1. Exactly. You only see people having fun and couples showering love upon each other, while at home they may be having fights everyday. It all seems so fake sometimes. Some people take photos only to put them on social media so they are fake photos too.
      My kid is 5 now. We play mostly games like Catan and some modern games these days. I love scrabble but he finds it boring. I am planning to try again after a year or so when he is little older. He loves puzzles a lot. He can’t read on his own yet so he is really getting bored at home. We finally got him into video games which I did not want to introduce for next few years at least.


  3. I was wondering why you were so quiet. Good to know all is well. I too am very inactive on FB. I post a couple of pics occasionally but am not interested to do more. Same with Twitter, all the political news, economic, and now Covid news is so depressing. I don’t do whatsapp either – there are so many fake forwards, and aggressive political discussions there, I can’t deal.

    Basically, hiding my little self on instagram – at least the photos are pretty.

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    1. I agree, Instagram is the best social media out there. Even I scroll through my feed there once in a while when I am really stressed. People just post beautiful pictures there without all the negativity in FB.


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