“Key” issues in my life

The word “Key” brings shivers to my body and immediately I check my purse.. You want to know why? Because three times (yes! hatrick, it is) I lost my key because of my carelessness or forgetfulness or whatever it was.. First time, I lost them inside the house.. Inside because I lost them after entering the house (unlocked the door using the same set of keys).. Second time, I kept the house keys safely inside my apartment and then pulled the door and locked myself out.. This time I kept the car keys inside the car and then locked it.. Yess! two times of lockout.. And now I lost the alun key for my bed and not able to find a replacement for it which means I have a bed cum swing.. It swings in any direction that I want it to.. Keys are taking the peace (and money to some extent 😦 ) out of my life..


Now, I check my house keys every 5 minutes.. This might mislead some thief into thinking that I have some diamonds in my purse 😀 but it doesnt matter.. Now my keys are more important than even diamonds.. I wouldnt want to sleep on the footpath (cant even do that here else cops are gonna take me)..  grrrr.. 😡 I hate those locksmiths.. I mean can any intelligent human being make a lock which doesnt need a key to lock it? If you make such a lock, then people are going to forget its key.. You should make a door in such a way that people cannot lock it unless they have the key with them.. The more advanced the technology is becoming, the more issues we are facing these days… Atleast in those days, I am sure my grandparents never had any lockouts 😛  I dont know what to do so that such a thing does not happen again.. any suggestions folks?

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  1. ok, i spend a lot of money, but thank goodness not on locksmiths (so far). *check my keys* i’m always totally freaked that i’ll lose my work keys (which will result in a lot more problems and is a much more expensive problem).

    ever tried a note on the door reminding you to take your key NOW.



  2. I have a lock which doesn’t need the key to shut close …. Forgot the key inside the room nth number of times ….

    Thnx god my room partner had the other set of keys … or it would have been “Bye Bye Mr. Door” 😛


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