The gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue

I randomly picked this book since the premise sounded interesting. I usually don't read YA romance but I am glad I picked this one. This was a fun ride - adventurous, humorous, romantic - all at once. Monty, Percy and Felicity - I loved all the three main characters in this book. This is a must... Continue Reading →

Dystopian novels recommendations and TBR

I have been suffering from reading slump this month for some reason. In general, the political climate in the country is bad and I am stressed out because of various things in personal life too. I haven't been able to finish a single novel this month as I am not able to concentrate much on... Continue Reading →

Contemporary books haul

This year I have been buying books a lot. My tbr was shrinking and I added some books from many genres to my tbr. I did not add lot of books in a single genre though, except maybe fantasy and science fiction. Since I read many genres, adding few books in each genre results in an explosion... Continue Reading →

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