Minimalism: Part 4 (Time Management)

When I read books about organization and minimalism, I was mostly focusing about space. It was only when the author in Organization from Inside Out spoke about time did I realize that I need to also organize my calendar. I should minimize time spent on unnecessary activities while focusing more on my long term goals.... Continue Reading →

When I Hit You – Book Review

'When I Hit You: Or, A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife' by Meena Kandasamy got released last year and I added it to my TBR immediately since it is a semi-autobiographical account of marital abuse. The author underwent abuse from her husband and this book is a fictionalized version of that. I... Continue Reading →

Why feminism again?

We are living in 21st century and I still have to explain people why we need feminism. *Super face palm* Women associate feminism with man bashing and keep saying I am not a feminist. I see more women who claim to be anti-feminist in the society who have no idea what feminism even means. Feminism... Continue Reading →

Women and work

I finished reading the book "Lean in" by Sheryl Sandberg. It was inspiring and motivating. This post is not a review of the book, but instead I am writing about my experiences as a woman student or an employee and how the subjects discussed in this book relate to my life. These are my thoughts... Continue Reading →

Women in medieval age

I am so lost in reading "A song of Ice and Fire series"¬†(Game of thrones TV series) these days that I eat, sleep, walk with that book in my hand.¬†Throughout the day, I keep discussing about it and irritating my husband with it. Many reviews that I saw about this series say that George Martin... Continue Reading →

Married or Single

I recently saw a TV talk show which had some single girls and some married girls on it. I couldn't control laughing when one of the married ones said this - "Women were created by God in order to take care of their husbands and kids. This was the reason why Eve was sent with... Continue Reading →

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