UK Trip Planning

My dream is finally coming true. We are going to visit UK this summer. I have been dreaming about visiting London for god knows how long. It was at the top of my must see before I die list and part of every bucket list I ever made for myself.
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Travel souvenirs

What do you guys usually get as a souvenir when you travel? We often buy something that can remind us about the trip and the places we visited as part of the trip. Some people collect fridge magnets. I used to collect them too but with a stainless steel fridge, I don’t have any place to put them. These days, instead of getting magnets which are of not much use, I get books. I usually end up buying books about the place I am visiting – mostly about the National Park or city I am visiting along with some about the history of the place, geology, wild life and vegetation etc. I love browsing through these books after my trip in order to refresh my memory. These books also provide me with more information about the places I visited as part of my trip along with some stunning photographs. I love collecting travel books. I got plenty when I visited Alaska and Hawaii too. I cannot find all the books that I bought in my various trips online or in a bookstore, so I try to buy them when I visit a place.

How about you?

Alaska trip 4 – Coldfoot

Next day, we had breakfast at the hotel cafe and did some souvenir shopping at the hotel shop. After that, we headed towards a viewpoint that we saw on the previous day while coming. You can see Nenana river flowing from there.  The river has carved out a small canyon. We took some photos and started driving towards Fairbanks. We reached Fairbanks and checked into the hotel. We had booked a 12-13 hours tour that would take us to Coldfoot and back. The shuttle was already waiting for us and we had no time to have lunch. Shuttle took us to the tour office where we ordered lunch and dinner for the day. Lunch would be served at Coldfoot and dinner at Yukon river camp. We were supposed to take a one-way flight to Coldfoot and then come back in a van from Coldfoot.
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Alaska trip 3 – Denali

Day 3. We got up early and headed towards Denali National Park. It was a long drive of about 4 hours. Unfortunately, it started raining and it kept raining as we drove towards Denali. We could hardly see the road so had to drive slowly. Fog had everything covered so we missed the scenic drive completely. We could not see Mt.McKinley when the viewpoint came because of the fog and the heavy rains. We were disappointed that the whole trip to Denali would be wasted. I was wondering how we were going to spot animals in this thick fog and heavy rain. We could not even see trees, let alone spot wildlife. We reached Denali National Park and the rain had not stopped.

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Alaska trip 2 – Seward

Next day, we woke up early and went down for breakfast. Breakfast started at 5:30 AM at our hotel, which was a good thing. We ordered Alaskan sourdough pancakes. I had done some research beforehand that sourdough pancakes are a specialty of Alaska. I did not like them that much, but husband liked them. He even had them next day morning for breakfast. I found them very sour and not that great with maple syrup which was sweet. While at the breakfast, we saw only older people. We did not see a single young person in the hotel. Later on, we realized that most of them had come through some or the other cruise. So that made us wonder if only older people took cruises?!

Anyway, we had our car valet parked and once we got the car, we headed towards Seward. We were warned that it would rain and even the weather prediction showed rain. I was already disappointed. But thankfully, it did not rain at all. Lucky for us! 🙂

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