Christmas favorites – movies/books

December is Christmas month and I have been seeing posts on Christmas favorites everywhere so I thought of coming up with my own favorites list. Here are some movies and books that I love - Movies: I am not going to describe what these movies are about as that will make this post too long.... Continue Reading →

Tales from the perilous realm – Book Review

I am a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and this year I read Lord of the rings once again. I love everything about middle earth and it is one of my favorite places along with Hogwarts. After I finished reading LOTR this year, I have not been interested in reading fantasy fiction by any other author.... Continue Reading →

Silmarillion is the greatest work of J.R.R. Tolkien. While reading the book, I realized that there are too many new characters introduced in this book. I searched online but I could not find good trees describing the relationships between the characters. That was when I got the idea of creating my own family trees to help others... Continue Reading →

Hail Tolkien

These days I am hooked to "The Silmarillion". It is a prequel to "The lord of the rings" and "The hobbit". I tried reading this book few times in the past and gave up. The reason being that Tolkien dumps too many new characters at the beginning of the book. That kind of intimidates anyone... Continue Reading →

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