Disney, Fairy Tales and Feminism

I wanted to write a blog post about this topic for a long time now. I couldn’t find enough time to blog, thanks to the hectic work schedule in the new team. I spent most of my free time this month in cleaning the house and applying minimalism techniques I learnt in some of these books. Now everything at home has its own place and anything that doesn’t bring joy has been kicked out of the house.

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Nonsense in Indian movies

So recently we were discussing about that controversial movie Padmavati or Padmavat or whatever they are calling it now. I do not agree with the fact that one should burn buses or whatever to protest. I did not watch the movie and never will. But I couldn’t not agree with people when they said historical events were misrepresented. Bollywood movies these days are full of nonsense. The prevailing theme is romance and everything else in the movie revolves around romance. Why is romance the central focus of every single movie?

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Modern girl ?

Is a girl modern only if

– she chooses to sleep with any man she wants

– she wears skimpy clothes

– she hits bars and pubs and drinks

– is aware of the current fashion trends and likes wearing makeup

What if a girl

– just wants to earn her own living and not be dependent on others

– wants freedom to choose whether to be religious or not

– does not want to belong to in-laws (and let them make decisions for her) and wants to make her own decisions in life

– wants freedom to read books, watch latest movies, gossip with girlfriends and listen to western music

– does not like wearing Sarees but does not want to wear mini skirts or bikini either

– is modern in her thinking

– is modern enough to follow current musical trends or movies or books

– is a nerd and wants to study/learn instead of going to beauty parlors

– is not interested in latest fashion and makeup

– is not interested in cooking, even though elders dictate that it is her job

– is interested in gadgets, gizmos, science and technology like most men are

Is she is not a modern girl? Who is a modern girl? How do you define who is modern and who is not?

I see books based on modern women (*cough* *One Indian girl*) focusing only on her choice to choose men or her choice to drink. There is so much more to a modern girl.

Language fixation

This is something that has been there on my mind for a long time. I realized it was time to put it on the blog so that I can stop thinking about it. It usually works that way for me. This blog is like a pensieve where I dump my thoughts so that my brain can free up that much space.

What I have noticed is that almost everyone many people from India who are settled in US talk to their children (no matter how old their children are) in English. Only in English.

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Being nice to others

… is what I have learnt from my parents.

  • Not hurting other person’s feelings
  • Not being rude
  • Not being sarcastic
  • Not insulting others
  • Not passing judgmental comments on others
  • Never try to ruin someone’s career or life, just because you have to succeed
  • Smiling back at other people, when they smile at you
  • Not backstabbing others
  • Replying to emails that my friends send promptly
  • Replying to friends saying I am busy and will reply in a couple of days, if I am really busy
  • Returning phone calls, when people call me. May not be promptly but I will definitely call back.
  • Pulling someone’s legs but not to the extent that the other person gets hurt
  • Not making friendship with someone, because I might/may need their help
  • Stop talking to someone, just because they are of no use to me anymore
  • Never hurt a person who cared for me when I was in distress or trouble, just because now I am in a better position
  • Return something that I have borrowed from the other person on time
  • Never borrow anything from others, unless you cannot buy it. Cannot afford it or do not want to spend money on it is not a reason to borrow.
  • Ask for help, only if all the other doors are closed. If there is some door open, first try that before asking for help
  • Think about what the other person is going to feel about what you talk, before opening your mouth and not after.
  • Even if the other person has hurt you, there is no need to seek revenge or to hurt the other person.
  • Saying things as they really are without any pretense. Be frank.
  • There is nothing wrong in being truthful
  • Not boasting about how wonderful my life is in front of my friends
  • Trying to stay in touch with friends, by occasionally calling them or mailing them
  • Even if you cannot help somebody, at least do not harm them in any manner

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