Mac or a PC?

Who : Avada Kedavra What : Mac or a PC? Spicy : Not everyday do you get a technical post from Avada Kedavra. In this post you get to know the technical gyaan on whether to go for a Mac or a PC. Read it now. The age old battle of which operating system is... Continue Reading →

Planetary Missions

Who : Avada What : Planetary Missions Spicy : Avada has a geeky post after a long time in her own words and we liked it. It is a post about the planetary missions which have been sent to the space from the earth. A very well researched post and a sure read. Long time... Continue Reading →

Leaps in technology

Back to my same old theme.. 😀  I was thinking about how the technology is getting advanced day by day.. I mean, there was a time when people did not have a computing machine or even a calculator.. Everything was done manually.. Today, we even have PDAs and Iphones.. I recently watched an episode about... Continue Reading →

Irritating Vista

Windows launched the new Windows Vista.. One might get really excited looking at the all new attractive GUI.. even I was quite impressed with vista and I, infact wrote even a blog on it praising it.. I had never gotten a chance to work on it until recently when my boss was having problems with... Continue Reading →

Wireless card setup in Linux

I am a newbie in Linux...havent used it much other than for the curriculum projects... I had to set up wireless network on my laptop since I wanted to access Internet from Linux... I had found an alternative for this by using the Ethernet cable from the modem.. But it was very inconvenient since I... Continue Reading →

Huh? :O

Check out this news article: Now read this conversation that took place in Infy: Subject: you get married to a colleague, there's a marriage gift waiting for you P1 Hi, The latest edition of Outlook magazine has an interesting article on jobs, which says – “So, if you are working for an Infosys or a... Continue Reading →

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