Mid year freak out book tag

I have read 32 books (9202 pages) so far this year. I have crossed my yearly goal of atleast reading 25-30 books this year.

  1. Best book you have read so far in 2016 – Vicious by V.E. Schwab. It is one of the best books I have ever read so it is the best I have read this year, if we don’t count rereads. If we do count rereads, then it will be The Lord of the Rings which I reread this year. vicious1

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Brands Tag

I was tagged by Shilpa, Shankar and Shruti to complete this tag loooooooong back.. I am completing this so late 😦 they must have forgotten that they had tagged me for this 😀 sorry people.. This tag looks tough but it was easier to complete than I thought.. I am not sure if I have included all the brands I use often.. but I have tried to cover most of them..

coca_cola_large I cannot survive on a hot day without this. It is much better than water sometimes in quenching my thirst. Not even an orange juice is a substitute to this.I got addicted to it after spending some years in a hot desert 🙂

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Fast, furious and danceable songs tag

I was tagged twice to complete this tag by Sandhya and Kanagu. I have another tag pending now from Shankar and Shruti and one more from Shilpa.. Thank you guys for tagging. I need to finish those ones too. But let me finish this tag for now. I am a music freak and hence it was kind of difficult for me to complete this tag since I can go on listing 100 songs under this category 😛
I am listing only the relatively new ones that make me feel like dancing. If I list the all time favourites, I will need an entire blog for that. And I am restricting myself to the songs in only Hindi.

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