The Mission

I got a chance to write a science fiction story for the first time in my life as part of the first guest post that I have ever written.  Shruti of Hits and Misses, gave me this wonderful idea of writing a science fiction. I loooove science fictions and I love aliens more than even... Continue Reading →

The astrologer – A short story

I am really excited because this is the first post by a guest blogger on this blog. I proudly present a good friend of mine, Sid, of Sid-o-scope (which also happens to be one of my most favourite blogs) and now he has another great blog Stuck between Heaven and Hell. He is the most... Continue Reading →

A trip of a lifetime

(Featured post and Pick of the month for August 2010. Click here to read it at Kadzilla's Lounge) This is my first attempt at fiction. Any resemblance of the characters to any person, living or dead, is just a coincidence. My husband, Ramesh and I were waiting at the New Delhi International Airport to board... Continue Reading →

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