First birthday party

Our son completed one year and we had a birthday party to celebrate his first birthday. I was more excited about his birthday party as this was the first party in my life that I was organizing all by myself. I had started planning his birthday even before he was born. I know it sounds... Continue Reading →

One happy day

My son's daycare adventure always had downs but I finally see something good happening. We enrolled him in a daycare that hubby and I really liked even before he was born. But our experience was bad when we took him there on his first day. We noticed that the teachers did not even pick up or calm... Continue Reading →

Some good news

I have been pretty irregular here and there was a BIG reason for that. This is my first post from my phone, so bear with me. This post may have plenty of typing and formatting mistakes because of that. The reason for my absence has been a very handsome and cute guy - our son!... Continue Reading →

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