10 Science Fiction With Interesting Aliens

Everyone loves sci-fi with aliens and spaceships. I decided to make a post about some aliens in fiction that I found fascinating. Many books briefly mention aliens and do not spend time explaining what those aliens are like or how these aliens are different from humans. The following are some sci-fi which do significant amount... Continue Reading →

Erased: Manga series Review

After binge-reading Deathnote, I was on the lookout for some series which was equally dark and suspenseful. I tried several manga series but didn't feel like continuing any of those. I visited Kinokuniya bookstore and asked the staff to recommend me some series which was like Deathnote and they recommended Erased to me. They were... Continue Reading →

Random post

Life has improved a lot as I started my new job. I am loving the new team, manager who is extremely soft spoken and the work which is quite interesting. I am trying to learn everything and fit into the new environment. I am definitely not missing my old team and work that I did... Continue Reading →

Wayward Children series

Wayward Children Series by Seanan McGuire -If you did not know already, Alice in Wonderland is one of my most favorite books ever since it is a portal fantasy. Alice ends up in a land which is totally different from ours by following a rabbit. So when I heard there was a new fantastic portal... Continue Reading →

Death Note manga series

If you have read my favorite books of 2016 post, you will know that Death Note was one of my favorite book series of 2016. I started and finished this series in 2016 and it is now one of my most favorite book series ever. It is a manga series - manga is a Japanese comic... Continue Reading →

Abandoned book series

After I finished my post yesterday, I made another list of unfinished series. This time I am going to list the series that I did not like or did like but do not wish to continue reading - either because the first part was not that great or because I lost interest in that series.... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: Unfinished series

Today I am going to list the top ten series that I have not finished. I am listing only those series that I love and would love to complete, but just haven't gotten around to reading them yet. I am not including the series which I did not like and wouldn't want to continue reading.... Continue Reading →

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