Star Gazing

Hubby and I started off with this hobby recently by enrolling into an astronomy club. Thankfully, we both love science and astronomy and hence it is just awesome fun. Attended couple of talks and hubby ended up buying another telescope for himself. I already had one.We bought another reflector, this one bigger than the old... Continue Reading →

Hawking’s grand design

Just some months back, there was a lot of hullabaloo about Stephen Hawking's new book, where he stated : "Modern physics has now proved that God played no role in the creation of the universe." Atheists and theists, everyone was commenting on this statement. Theists wrote a lot of posts (just on WordPress) refuting Hawking's... Continue Reading →

Isaac Newton : A Review

Sir Isaac Newton is regarded as a genius. I recently got hold of his biography written by James Gleick, who has also authored Genius and Chaos. I always wanted to know more about Newton's life. Having known Einstein's biography, I was curious to know how Newton's life was. "Newton was not a pleasant man", is... Continue Reading →

Seriously Science – II

Let's look at some moons this time. I got a chance to click some pics of our moon sometime back when it was almost full moon and again recently just few days back. Like somebody suggested last time, I should probably name this series as sci-pho, since most of the time I end up with... Continue Reading →

Seriously Science – I

I am planning to start this new series of posts on Science, on a topic in Science. My mom noticed this streak of orange-ish red sun rays one morning and called me to take its pic. It does look like a solar storm effect. Look at the sun particles scattered beautifully all over the blue... Continue Reading →

A buggy tale

We usually go for a walk after lunch - me and my friends at work. While we were on a walk, we saw a metallic green bug lying on the ground. My friend noticed it and brought it to our notice. Its body looked very much metallic and it was dead, thankfully. Our first impression... Continue Reading →

The Mission

I got a chance to write a science fiction story for the first time in my life as part of the first guest post that I have ever written.  Shruti of Hits and Misses, gave me this wonderful idea of writing a science fiction. I loooove science fictions and I love aliens more than even... Continue Reading →


I am so HAPPY from yesterday. I got some appreciation from my superiors at work since I solved a 'difficult' problem which lot of people were struggling to solve from a long time. Then I started wondering what took them so long, when it was such an easy problem (at least it seemed so) and... Continue Reading →

Planetary Missions

Who : Avada What : Planetary Missions Spicy : Avada has a geeky post after a long time in her own words and we liked it. It is a post about the planetary missions which have been sent to the space from the earth. A very well researched post and a sure read. Long time... Continue Reading →

Leaps in technology

Back to my same old theme.. 😀  I was thinking about how the technology is getting advanced day by day.. I mean, there was a time when people did not have a computing machine or even a calculator.. Everything was done manually.. Today, we even have PDAs and Iphones.. I recently watched an episode about... Continue Reading →

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