Giovanni’s Room : Book Review

After two months of mostly reading non-fiction, I picked up Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin at the end of February. I wanted to read this book for a long time and Feb being Black History Month, I wanted to read something by a black author. I am so glad I picked this book as it is now one of my all-time favorite reads and the best read of 2019 so far. This book was amazing and I have now found a new favorite author.

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June 2018 Wrap Up

I started my new job in June and as a result, did not have much time to read books. I still managed to read 5 books, out of which one was an audiobook, one was a collection of 3 short stories and two were graphic novels.

I read the following books in June –

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Jane Eyre – Book review

I finally read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte after wanting to read it from many years. I buddy read this book with Shantala from Shanaya Tales (my first official buddy read ever). I am so glad I read this with someone as there is a lot to discuss in this book. Also thanks to her, I did not mark this book as DNF as sometimes it got little boring. This book is part of the list of most favorite reads for many people. Also this book is held as a standard for good writing. I was curious to see why this book was so popular. I am glad I chose to read it as it is definitely worth reading at least once in your life. I ended up liking the book but it did not quite make it to my favorites list.


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