Reading and TV

Time to brag something on my blog. ­čÖé Our son is about to complete one year and he has not seen TV. Not just TV, we did not let him watch any videos on phone or iPad as well. Yayy! We resolved to not make him sit in front of TV until he completes one... Continue Reading →

I quit

... the reading challenge this year. Before I joined Goodreads, I used to buy a book and read it immediately. After finishing the book, I would buy the next book from the bookstore. I never had an unread book pile on my bookshelf. I would pick up books only because I found the blurb or... Continue Reading →

Reading Challenge 2014

My 2013's challenge was here:┬áReading Challenge 2013. I did not complete most of the challenges that I signed up for and even for those that I completed, I did not find enough time to write proper reviews. 2013 has been pretty hectic as it was our "travel" year. We dedicated all the time and money... Continue Reading →

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