Things I didnt know last year

The ones that I definitely didn't know last year are: The people who built Stonehenge lived at an ancient village in Durrington Walls. I never knew that someone actually built stonehenge. I always assumed that it was a natural rock formation. 10% of university work from across the UK is plagiarised...haha.. Imagine what would this... Continue Reading →

Done with IP

Got my IP (instruction permit) done after procrastinating for like an year.. It's very similar to the learner's licence test in India..but needs little bit of preparation from our part since the rules are many and we are aware of none.. Having ridden on the Blore roads, people forget even the basic rules of driving..... Continue Reading →

Setting ablaze

Living independently requires you to learn cooking.. I never ever entered the kitchen in my life before (not even to get water) and suddenly was made to cook 😮 You can imagine the situation! Initially it used to so spicy that I would keep a chocolate with me for emergency situations 😛 Now kinda improved... Continue Reading →

What is happening?

This was the situation some 6 years back when we were getting admitted into the professional courses: P1: Hi! What is your ranking? P2: it is 9825.. what is your ranking? P1: it is 657.. Your percentage? P2: 75%.. yours? P1: 95% A few days later: P2: Hey I finished my counselling. I got a... Continue Reading →

Back in action!

Havent blogged for quite sometime.. reason: was busy enjoying.. Had one of the most wonderful birthdays of my life.. and the reason was the way my friends made it special by giving me a party with probably the costliest gift I had ever received.. I really thank god for making me join this company and... Continue Reading →

Huh? :O

Check out this news article: Now read this conversation that took place in Infy: Subject: you get married to a colleague, there's a marriage gift waiting for you P1 Hi, The latest edition of Outlook magazine has an interesting article on jobs, which says – “So, if you are working for an Infosys or a... Continue Reading →

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