Why the word feminist?

I wrote about how "We should all be feminists" by┬áChimamanda Ngozi Adichie was one of my favorite reads of this year. I was planning to write a review of that book but somehow could not. I am pasting here my most favorite lines from that book where she explains why we need the word "feminist"... Continue Reading →

Quotes challenge

Destination Infinity tagged me for this challenge long back. So long back that he must have forgotten about the challenge altogether :P. Thank you for tagging me DI. I had started this post back in July, more than a month back but forgot about it altogether. Today I was looking at my drafts and realized... Continue Reading →

One and only child

"First children tend to be a choice parents make to fulfill their own lives and a second child tends to be a choice parents make to fulfill the life of their existing child." - from book "One and Only" by Lauren Sandler. Ever since I became pregnant with my baby, people have been advising me... Continue Reading →

Sidney Poitier

My dad keeps recommending me movies from 1970s/60s which he enjoyed watching when he was in college/school. There were two movies that came highly recommended from him. I did not get a chance to watch these movies until recently. Sidney Poitier acted in both the movies and I just loved them! I had never seen... Continue Reading →

Some positive thoughts

Took this from Facebook. Not sure who created this image. I feel like taking a printout of this poster and pasting it in my room. By the way, today I was asked this question by husband - "Who do you blog for?". I said it is for myself. "Then why do you want to publicize... Continue Reading →

Another LOTR post

Okay. I already had two: one of Return of the king and one on Sam Gamgee. But still after watching the movies again, I am compelled to put together yet another post on the quotes from "The two towers" that I missed out on earlier. Here they are (for all the Lord of the Rings... Continue Reading →

Half Blood Prince

After waiting for so many months, I finally watched the HBP, sixth installment of the potter series.. In the beginning, they have tried to cover every scene possible and all the romantic scenes but later on, the movie gets really bad.. I mean, I know you cannot cover everything in the book in just two... Continue Reading →

I love Sam Gamgee

I had posted some LOTR quotes here earlier.. I watched all the three movies again back to back (which meant that I spent one whole day - from morning 11 to night 11 watching them ­čśŤ ).. I am mad about LOTR.. I loveeee the story, the plot, literally EVERYTHING about it... This time I... Continue Reading →

Quotes from ‘The Alchemist’

I dont usually like reading motivational books but I read Alchemist (long back, not now) and I really liked it!! Some of my friends tried reading it, but found it very boring.. Initially, when you start reading such books, you feel they are boring or dragging the story but once you finish reading such a... Continue Reading →

Return of the king quotes

Lord of the rings has been one of my most favourite movies of all times.. and I havent written a blog on its dialogues.. Here it goes.. some of those quotes whichI liked a lot.. will add more to the list later: Arwen: From the ashes, a fire shall be woken. A light from the... Continue Reading →

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