How safe is it?

This post was lying in my drafts from a long time. Finally finished it 😀 These days the only updates I see on Facebook are photos of friends who traveled around the world or had a baby or got married. I have been thinking about how safe  it is to put photos on Facebook. If... Continue Reading →

Some flowers

Bumblebee, Humming bird and some flowers shot at Santa Cruz Botanical Gardens. Humming bird was shot by hubby, rest by me.

Playing with light – 2

Some more experiments hubby and I did yesterday. Hubby is more creative than I am when it comes to composing a pic. Second pic was totally his idea, even though I clicked it. Will be back with more pics soon 🙂

Playing with light

There was a time when I was really into photography. I was very much interested and then suddenly I lost interest because of various reasons. Now suddenly after couple of years, I am again taking some time to shoot some pics on and off. With summer already here, there is more such opportunity to shoot... Continue Reading →

Birds and a cart

Recently visited the local zoo and captured some birds. Majestic Eagle. I felt sad to see it in chains. Penguin Vulture with his huge wings, yet unable to fly since it was also chained to the ground. A cart which I saw at a Napa Valley winery and instantly fell in love with:

Wordless Wednesday – 2

Better late than never 😛 Supermoon and Air Show. Clicked at Aero India 2011 Show on 12 Feb 2011, at Air force station Yelahanka, Bengaluru Supermoon (on 19th March 2011) full moon that coincided with a close approach by the Moon to the Earth (moon was within about 221,567 miles of Earth).

Seriously Science – I

I am planning to start this new series of posts on Science, on a topic in Science. My mom noticed this streak of orange-ish red sun rays one morning and called me to take its pic. It does look like a solar storm effect. Look at the sun particles scattered beautifully all over the blue... Continue Reading →

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