Camera Lens Wishlist – Part 2

I had written an earlier post about all the lens that I had rented and wanted to rent/buy for my Canon DSLR. Now that I own a full frame camera, I have been yearning to collect all the good lens available in market. From my previous list, I already tried Fisheye Lens and it was great. But I was not a big fan of the 180 degree images that it produced. I prefer a normal wide angle lens for landscapes.

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Christmas photos

We visited Global Winter Wonderland in Sacramento for Christmas and the photos that I took there came out really well. I am completely satisfied with the quality of pictures from my full frame camera. Even though I shot in complete darkness, my photos came out pretty sharp. I wanted to share the beautiful pics with you guys. Please let me know what you feel about these pics.

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New camera and Rose Garden

I bought a new full frame camera and it is a dream come true as I have been wanting to purchase a professional camera for quite sometime now. I always felt my entry level DSLR was not capable of taking good photos. I would look at photos taken by some friends using their full frame camera and wish I had one too. So finally I got one for myself and did a first photo shoot at a Rose garden nearby.
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Playing with light – 3

I have been missing in action for quite sometime now. Job change, way too many hobbies and activities drained all of my energy. Hope to be more regular here and at commenting. Happy Deepavali! 🙂

I learnt knitting and crochet too recently. It had been my dream from a long time to learn knitting. It is not that difficult. I am in the process of making a cap and a scarf.

Tried my hand at light painting. I drew this while husband took the pic. I tried to draw “Ash”.


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Alaska trip 3 – Denali

Day 3. We got up early and headed towards Denali National Park. It was a long drive of about 4 hours. Unfortunately, it started raining and it kept raining as we drove towards Denali. We could hardly see the road so had to drive slowly. Fog had everything covered so we missed the scenic drive completely. We could not see Mt.McKinley when the viewpoint came because of the fog and the heavy rains. We were disappointed that the whole trip to Denali would be wasted. I was wondering how we were going to spot animals in this thick fog and heavy rain. We could not even see trees, let alone spot wildlife. We reached Denali National Park and the rain had not stopped.

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Alaska trip 2 – Seward

Next day, we woke up early and went down for breakfast. Breakfast started at 5:30 AM at our hotel, which was a good thing. We ordered Alaskan sourdough pancakes. I had done some research beforehand that sourdough pancakes are a specialty of Alaska. I did not like them that much, but husband liked them. He even had them next day morning for breakfast. I found them very sour and not that great with maple syrup which was sweet. While at the breakfast, we saw only older people. We did not see a single young person in the hotel. Later on, we realized that most of them had come through some or the other cruise. So that made us wonder if only older people took cruises?!

Anyway, we had our car valet parked and once we got the car, we headed towards Seward. We were warned that it would rain and even the weather prediction showed rain. I was already disappointed. But thankfully, it did not rain at all. Lucky for us! 🙂

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Alaska trip 1 – Anchorage

Posts on Alaska were pending. Alaska was one of the places that I badly wanted to visit. We wanted to visit Alaska in March this year but since the ticket prices were sky high and most of the lodges were full, we decided to postpone the trip to later part of the year. In US, I have seen most of the famous places/parks but let me tell you this. Alaska is probably the most beautiful state in US. I found it more scenic compared to Hawaii. Imagine this coming from a person who went gaga over Hawaii.

Coming to the trip, I am going to write a series of posts on Alaska. To begin with, we took a flight to Anchorage. Lot of people have asked me why we chose not to take a cruise. We wanted to explore Alaska on land this time. And we did not have 10 days of vacation available. We got to drive on those scenic roads, enjoy the majestic mountains and tundra because we chose to drive.  I did some elaborate planning for this trip and this was probably the most difficult trip to plan so far.

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