My first UK trip

I went on my first UK trip and it took me a week to recover from the trip as it was exhausting. We tried to cover a lot in a single trip and that resulted in all of us getting extremely tired. This was our first actual trip to a foreign country and it required... Continue Reading →

One great week

I suddenly vanished from the blogging world for a week since I was on vacation.. We had a week's shutdown at work and I was hardly at home to even check my emails 😛 What happened this week? The moon walker MJ is no more 😦 watched his biography I visited one of the most... Continue Reading →

Scary Dinosaurs

I visited a Museum and for the first time in my life saw the Dinosaur fossils 🙂  For all those people who have watched the Jurassic park series of movies, Dinos are not new.. I remember watching the first movie sitting in the front-most row and could not sleep the whole night since they haunted... Continue Reading →

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