Moon (2009)

Sometime back when I had lot of free time at hand, I had attempted to complete watching all the IMDB 250 movies. I had also tried to complete all the top science-fiction and animation movies in IMDB, as voted by users. I completed most of the movies on these lists. In those lists, I found... Continue Reading →

Russian space missions

This is a continuation of my post: Planetary Missions. While the earlier post was mostly biased towards NASA, this post is mostly about USSR's missions. I browsed through "Russian federal space agency" website sometime back and found information on many of their space missions. (OR) I thought I will make a brief summary of my findings... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday – 2

Better late than never 😛 Supermoon and Air Show. Clicked at Aero India 2011 Show on 12 Feb 2011, at Air force station Yelahanka, Bengaluru Supermoon (on 19th March 2011) full moon that coincided with a close approach by the Moon to the Earth (moon was within about 221,567 miles of Earth).

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