How do I choose books?

DI recently commented and asked me if I could make a post on how I choose/find out about the books that I read. Let me list some of the ways I find a book to read –

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Top ten best books I read in 2015

Today’s topic at Broke and Bookish is to list the top ten best books that I read this year. I wanted to do this post anyway. I read 47 books his year and I am currently reading two more books which I will most likely finish reading before 2016 begins.


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When you are over organized…

I have an OCPD of being over organized. I make endless todo lists and try to tick items off the list. I usually follow my lists since I also the OCD of having items checked on the list. I cannot have items unchecked for too long on my list. Thanks to the technology, it is now easier to create and maintain lists :P.

I have been doing lot of these things for a while now. I thought I will jot them down here and to my horror, I realized that I am way too organized after reading these points that I came up with:

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