Favorite Books Of This Decade

I saw many people do this and I jumped on the bandwagon too. I started using Goodreads towards the end of 2010 so I thought of listing all the best books I read for every single year of the previous decade. These are not books that were released that year but instead these are just... Continue Reading →

Best Books of 2019 and Reading Stats

Another year is over and I am back with my best books of the year post. Dec was the worst reading month as I finished just 1 book this month, even though I started multiple books. I read a total of 77 books this year - which is quite less compared to 91 books last... Continue Reading →

How do I choose books?

DI recently commented and asked me if I could make a post on how I choose/find out about the books that I read. Let me list some of the ways I find a book to read - Goodreads - This is the place where I got to know about a lot of books that I... Continue Reading →

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