Black History Month reads

I was browsing through various sections in my local library when I glanced at a section dedicated to Black History Month (February is celebrated as Black History month). I have not read many history books on Civil Rights movement and I am hardly aware of America's history so I was intrigued enough to pick a... Continue Reading →

Library book haul – 2

So I returned my books from the earlier library book haul and got some more today to read in the holidays next week. One of the reasons for not borrowing books from the library is the strict deadline when you have to return books. Being a moody reader, I find it difficult to finish a... Continue Reading →

Library haul

After more than two years, I went to the local library today. My library card had already expired and had to be renewed. I then picked these books as they were on my must-read list for quite sometime now.  I am not sure if can complete these books in the next few weeks. I got... Continue Reading →

Books for my home library

For as long as I can remember, I have loved owning books. Yes, you heard it right. More than reading books, I love owning them. I was thinking about the¬†books that I would like to own in my personal library at home. It's a different thing that I live in a rented house. Having a... Continue Reading →

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