I love my India

Please note: This post is only about my personal observations and experiences and in no way, generalizes the culture/lifestyle of any country. This post is also not about comparison since each country is so great in itself that there never can be any kind of comparison possible. This is one topic on which I argue... Continue Reading →

Jai Hind

"I always believed there were two kinds of men in this world; men who go to their deaths screaming; and men who go to their deaths in silence. And then I met the third kind..." Happy Independence Day (August 15) / Happy Republic Day (January 26).. Proud to be an Indian!!!!!!!!!!!! Salutations to these great... Continue Reading →

Beautiful locales of Coorg

I went on a two day trip to Coorg.. First day: The first place we visited was the tibetian golden temple of Buddha..The statues were really huge..The temple was full of buddhist monks praying and chanting some verses..It seems it's the India's biggest tibetan monastery.. This comprises of two universities and two monasteries and is... Continue Reading →


This post was pending from a very long time... We, classmates, were supposed to meet after a very long time..people planned for a trip to wonderla.. I went to Deeps' place..Deeps and I waited for almost an hour to receive a missed call from the others..but no one turned up..we started feeling tense hoping that... Continue Reading →

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