Hawaii trip – 4

Continued... Botanical Gardens This was mentioned as one of those places that you must not miss. There is a self-guided tour that you can take using the map provided at the visitor center. We started hiking to the waterfalls which was really good. Spent a lot of time at the falls. We saw all sorts... Continue Reading →

Hawaii trip – 3

Continued... Volcanoes national park Like I said in the first post itself, the whole point of going to the Island was to see the volcano and lava. So when I entered this national park, I was very excited. We went to the visitor center where we bought identical t-shirts and I bought a book and... Continue Reading →

Hawaii trip – 2

Continued... Lu'au After buying and wearing some colorful flowery clothes, we went to the beach at the backside of our hotel to attend Lu'au. It is a Hawaiian festival where they cook a pig on Taro leaves (called Poi) in an oven. Since we are vegetarian, we did not try this dish. They put garlands... Continue Reading →

Hawaii trip – 1

This trip was pending from a long time. I did all the research and made the bookings. I sometimes wonder if I should open a travel agency or something, since I do end up doing so much of research about every single place that we visit :P. I want to cover everything that is there... Continue Reading →

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