Nonfiction Book Haul – Part 2

Usually, we end up buying books that others recommend to us. Rarely do we browse through synopsis of books and pick books that interest us. I recently shopped for books by just choosing ones that interested me, without checking the reviews online. None of these books were recommended by any of the book reviewers out... Continue Reading →

Library book haul – 2

So I returned my books from the earlier library book haul and got some more today to read in the holidays next week. One of the reasons for not borrowing books from the library is the strict deadline when you have to return books. Being a moody reader, I find it difficult to finish a... Continue Reading →

Library haul

After more than two years, I went to the local library today. My library card had already expired and had to be renewed. I then picked these books as they were on my must-read list for quite sometime now.  I am not sure if can complete these books in the next few weeks. I got... Continue Reading →

Contemporary books haul

This year I have been buying books a lot. My tbr was shrinking and I added some books from many genres to my tbr. I did not add lot of books in a single genre though, except maybe fantasy and science fiction. Since I read many genres, adding few books in each genre results in an explosion... Continue Reading →

Dec-Jan Ebooks haul

I am planning to make this a regular feature on this blog. It gives me an idea as to how many books I am hoarding on my Kindle. And *might* make me reduce the number of times I hit buy when I see books on deals. After thanksgivings, it was the Christmas and New year sales... Continue Reading →

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