Thoughts on Crimes of Grindelwald

I watched the new Fantastic Beasts movie - The Crimes of Grindelwald on the day it was released, as you can expect from me. I then read the screenplay book the very next day. I did not get time to blog about it as I was traveling. Now that I am back, I have plenty... Continue Reading →

My first UK trip

I went on my first UK trip and it took me a week to recover from the trip as it was exhausting. We tried to cover a lot in a single trip and that resulted in all of us getting extremely tired. This was our first actual trip to a foreign country and it required... Continue Reading →

First Disneyland trip

We made our first official trip with our one and a half year old son. We did a short trip when he was one year old to Lake Tahoe but that was a pretty short trip and he did not even understand much then. He had fun playing with the sand on the beach there.... Continue Reading →

New bookshelves

I was really busy these last few weeks as we were moving to a new house. A new house that we bought - yayy! our first real house as all the houses we have stayed in so far have been rented 🙂 And along with that my dream of having some great bookshelves also came... Continue Reading →

UK: Enid Blyton and Harry Potter

I love to travel as you all know already. I love armchair travel more than actually travelling to places. Reading books about places is even better than actually visiting those places - because it is cheaper, more convenient and you can get more information than you can even at that location. Also when you are travelling,... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter book tag

I saw this tag at Clockwork Bibliophile's blog and really liked it. I wanted to do it from a long time.   Flagrate A book that you found interesting but would like to rewrite To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee - I know almost everyone loves this book but I did not like it mainly... Continue Reading →

Countdown starts..

It is almost June and in July, the last potter movie is going to get released. This will be the last thing about Harry Potter that we are going to hear. After this, there wont be any Harry Potter release and I will not be eagerly waiting for anything in my life. Feels sad. Atleast... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Harry !!

Harry Potter completed another Birthday this year on 31st July (today) 🙂 Harry shares his birthday with J K Rowling.. I have grown up with the Harry Potter books and can feel the excitement.. I completed my 8th year of potter fanship, which means that I am crazy about Harry from past 8 years!!! I... Continue Reading →

Half Blood Prince

After waiting for so many months, I finally watched the HBP, sixth installment of the potter series.. In the beginning, they have tried to cover every scene possible and all the romantic scenes but later on, the movie gets really bad.. I mean, I know you cannot cover everything in the book in just two... Continue Reading →

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