Locke and Key Graphic Novel Series

I read the first book in this graphic novel series last year and loved it. I finally got hold of all the books and finished them this month by binge reading them. They are now one of my most favorite graphic novel series of all time. There are totally 6 books, but I got the... Continue Reading →

My Halloween TBR

October is Halloween month and right time to read spooky books. Today, I was browsing through my bookshelves and realized that I have hoarded way too many spooky books. Some of these are classics like "We have always lived in the castle" by Shirley Jackson, "Turn of the screw" by Henry James and "The woman... Continue Reading →

Dracula: Halloween Read

I finally finished Dracula after wanting to read it from a long time. I was pretty sure this book would scare the hell out of me and would give me nightmares which was the reason for keeping it as a Halloween read but I couldn’t be more wrong. This book did not scare me one bit.... Continue Reading →

5 Halloween book recommendations

I don't usually read horror books as I get scared easily. I stay away from ghost stories and haunted house stories but I do love reading gothic fiction. Especially when it comes to reading classics, I love gothic literature more than anything else. I love how these stories also have a science fiction element in them.... Continue Reading →

Spooky Memories

Happy Halloween Day everyone! 🙂 While in India, I was barely aware of this. But here they celebrate it in a very grand manner. This year we had a pumpkin decoration contest at office. My friend S suggested that we participate and I agreed instantly. We started planning on how to decorate. They said they... Continue Reading →

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